Duke 390 review: Biking meets poetry!



Some of you might be aware of the website called BikeAdvice.in. It has been bikers mainstay for up-to-date news from quite a while. The fact that they have gone a bit lazy lately is a whole other matter.

Anyways, they are running an ownership review contest in there and I thought I would participate. Tired of the inhumanely boring “standard” reviews, I thought of going a different path. Here is my Duke 390 review, in a poem.

Breathing the air
The air of Ladakh
Feeling the chill
Feeling determined
Even though Khardung la
Was a bit uphill
Duke 390 review
Uphill and dangerous
Rain, fog, hail and snow
But smiling so wide
Struggling on my Pulsar
13 horses aren’t enough
Dude, I need a new ride!
A new ride for sure
Something more crazy
But what to choose?
Something spoke within
“Duke 390 it is”
And it was not the booze!
Ninja too costly
CBR too slow
Bullets I hate
What else could it be?
Is this all we have?
Oh, but wait!
What of that prince
Of orange dynasty
That flies without wings?
I asked around
And everyone told me
The same little things
No other thing
Holds a candle
To this orange beast
I took a test drive
Booked one right away
Time for a feast!
After the feast
I started to blog
At RiderZone.in
Sharing the love
With fellow riders
So much fun, so much win
3 weeks on
I had my Duke
Oh the way people saw!
Eyes wide open
Orange inside their head
So naked, so raw
Duke 390 review
“Who is KTM?”
“How much is the mileage?”
“What is the cost?”
How many times
I have answered these questions
The count I’ve lost
It’s a looker
Grabs the eyeballs
Pulls them out the socket
Then you get on the saddle
Push the starter
And it blasts like a rocket
It blasts like a rocket alright
And pops a wheelie
Even if you don’t try
But the hard suspension
And the Indian roads
Will surely make you cry
Cry you will more
11 liters of fuel
In that puny little tank
Then the mileage
That will keep you running
In and out the bank
The mirrors are useless
The horn even more
The headlight is worse
She hates low speeds
Heats up like a furnace
City riding is a curse
Duke 390 review
But she roars like a 2 stroke
As smooth as a 4
The best of all
The Metzeler rubber
And the ABS tech
Will never let you fall
The throttle rumbles
The engine tumbles
The 44 horses pull
It feels like riding
A 3000 pound
Raging, alcoholic bull
173 top speed
0 to 100 in 5 seconds
100 to 0 in 4
Jaw dropping price
Ultra-killer looks
Could you ever ask for more?
I decided to test
The limits of my Duke
In one cunning way
Ride from Bombay
All the way to Bangalore
In one single day
Duke 390
I did it last week
14 hours up, 12 hours down
Now it’s time for something more
How about Kanyakumari?
What of Goa?
Maybe a Saddle Sore?
Whatever it maybe
Wherever it maybe
I proudly stand tall
I own the bike
That changed our world
Once and for all
The Duke 390 is crazy
Young, naughty, evil
A bit mental in the head
But there is nothing like it
Not for the price
When all is done and said
It’s a phenomenon
A revelation
Not some dirty, cheap fluke
Here we are
Tipping our hats
Me and my Duke

I hope you liked this little absurdity! What is life if you don’t do silly stuff? Thanks for reading this Duke 390 review, for a more detailed and “normal” review, check this out. Let me know in the comments how you liked it 🙂

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  1. Nick

    very nice review. loved reading it. very good.

    1. AK

      Glad you like it!

  2. Twizy

    Loved thy-bike as thyself 🙂 cheers man !!!

    1. AK

      Cheers friend!

  3. Mohit

    Loved it Cool! that’s some poetry 😉

    1. AK

      Thanks man!

  4. vignesh

    crazy poetry lol.

    1. AK