DSK Hyosung: Limited Edition GT250R, GD250N and Aquila 250 launch in India



DSK Hyosung, recently celebrated its 1 year anniversary of its owners club (HY Riders) in India, by launching a brand new limited edition GT-250R. Now, this GT-250R has the same 250cc v-twin motor which is available in the current available GT-250R. The difference is the bright Yellow Paint job, some exclusive brand merchandise, and the fact that each bike will carry the signature of its owner.

DSK Hyosung Signature GT250 R
If you like Full fender and Yellow, You are going to LOVE this

The Signature Edition GT250 R LE, will be available for retail from all DSK showroom for an excessive premium of Rs.22,000 over the current GT-250R. The Bike will be priced at Rs. 2.97 Lakhs ex-showroom prices PUNE. Only 50 of the signature editions will be made, so if you want in you should better do it quickly.

[dropCap]T[/dropCap]he launch of a limited edition GT 250R was not the only news coming out of DSK past week. The bike company also announced its plan to launch 2 new bikes in India, come 2014.

DSK hyosung GD250R
A sideways look at the GD250R

[dropCap]T[/dropCap]he first of these is the GD 250N. The GD 250 is a naked bike with 249cc engine, capable of producing a power of 28 BHP and 24 Nm torque. The engine is mono-cylinder and will come with 6 speed gearbox. The 250 weighs about 145Kgs which is pretty impressive for a quarter litre bike. The GD 250N will stand in direct competition to the KTM Duke, and would be interesting how it stands to the favorite bike on this blog. The price is expected to be around Rs. 1.7 Lakhs, but more details would be announced at the Indian Auto Expo Feb’2014. The GD 250N is supposed to hit the market in April of 2014.

DSK Hyosung Aquila 250
Aquila: Savior of the Cruiser?

[dropCap]A[/dropCap]nother bike that DSK plan to launch in the near future is the Aquila 250. While the GD 250 is a naked bike, the Aquila is a cruiser. The Aquila powered by 249cc V-twin engine pumps out a power of 25 BHP and 22 Nm torque. The Aquila is a product that has been delayed time and again in India, while its has enjoyed considerable success in other parts of the world. While price details are a little hazy, we expect the prices to be around Rs. 2 Lakhs. The Cruiser bike section has for long been ignored in India, but with Bajaj ready to roll out a brand new cruiser soon, and with Harley, Indian Motorcycles, and Royal Enfield noticing the gap in the market. Expect yourself to be spoiled for choices.

DSK Hysoung GD250R Front View
Another look at the GD250R. Now you what to look for at the Auto Expo

Both the bikes would be on full display at the Indian Auto Expo 2014, which would take place in Delhi in Feb. So make you way over there, if you want your eyes to be burned by 2 wheeler awesomeness. With the launch of GD 250 and the Aquila DSK will now have atleast one bike in each section: The sub 250, The sport bike, and the cruiser. Priced more humbly than most of its competitors (we are looking at you Royal Enfield), we expect this lesser known brand to make some headway into the market.

[dropCap]B[/dropCap]ut who cares what we think, what do you make of the Signature edition GT250R, do you think GD 250 can stand upto the KTM Duke, or is the Aquila the latest Avenger killer. Let us know in the comments, and you shall be heard…or read…as the case maybe.

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  1. akhil

    U can’t compare this with avengers… This is much better …n I’m sure this will rock…n give competition to royal Enfield n Harley too

    1. AK

      It definitely will give tough competition to the Enfields, not sure about Harley though, as they are in a completely different price bracket as of now. Let’s wait for the 500 and 750 to come, then it will be a fair fight.