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DSG Triton reviewIf there is one piece of riding gear that separates the biking men from biking boys, it is a riding jacket. All serious riders have one, and a good one at that. They don’t depend on flimsy elbow guards to protect them during a slide. We took a relatively new jacket, the DSG Triton, on our ride to Ladakh. We had a few choices in this field, brands like Cramster, Alpinestarts, Rjays, Joe Rockett and DSG have many different offerings in this department. After careful comparison, we felt that only the DSG Triton fulfilled our requirements and didn’t pinch the wallet a lot too. Here is our DSG Triton review, and we love this red and black little thing.

DSG Triton review: Is it waterproof?

Absolutely. We rode through incessant rains at Tanglang la pass and on the way to Nubra Valley and Pangong lake too. The jacket kept the insides perfectly dry. Even the 2 outer zip pockets at front are waterproof, we kept our camera and phone in there and they are still working, so job well done!

The front of the jacket is extremely well packed, with a zip, a waterproof liner and then buttons, so there is no chance of any water seeping in. The wrists are also nicely protected with a zip and velcro strap, which is especially useful in case you need to shove a glove in there for a complete seal.

Is it cold proof?

It is as good as it gets. You get a removable thermal liner which lives up to its name. We drove through snowfall at Khardungla, world’s highest motorable pass, and it protected us extremely well. The liner is easy to put in and take out, with a zip and 4 buttons that complete the task.

Is it comfortable to wear?

Very. The jacket feels well built and feels very nice on the body. The back, shoulder and elbow protectors don’t move around at all. It isn’t as heavy as some of the jackets that Spartan makes, so it’s not a load to carry on your shoulders. The velcro at the neck doesn’t dig into your throat. Everything works nicely.

Does it provide protection?

The jacket comes with back, elbow and shoulder protectors, which are all removable. The protectors themselves are just pieces of hard foam, not like a CE approved armor. Having said that, the tear resistant material of the jacket combined with these protectors should provide adequate protection in the event of a mishap. But don’t expect to come out unscathed if you flip your ride doing a 100kmph.

Can you wear it in summer?

DSG Triton comes with 4 zips for ventilation, 2 at the front and 2 at back. On a hot day, this is not enough at all. We drove from Jammu to Chandigarh with the full force of the Sun, and it got pretty uncomfortable. You can in this DSG Triton review that we love this thing, but riding in summer is something you just can’t do with this jacket. Having said that, there isn’t any jacket out there that you can wear in extreme cold, rain AND summer.

Keep in mind that the rain liner is NOT removable, unlike what the website says.

Should you take it to Ladakh?

By all means, yes! It is the perfect jacket for that place and it is rather easy on your pocket too. Take it and you won’t regret it.

DSG Triton review: Verdict

We love it. It is very well built, looks awesome, fits nicely and does what it is expected to do. Sure you can’t waltz around in summer, but that isn’t what this jacket is for. If there was one riding jacket specifically made for Ladakh, DSG Triton would be it. For 6,499 rupees, it is awesome value for money (price has gone up now). The only grouse we have with the PlanetDSG team is that they are very careless about the sizes of their products, Medium feels like XL and XS feels like L.

So if you are going to buy any DSG product, try it before you buy it.

RiderZone recommends DSG Triton as an awesome winter and rain jacket. 

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  1. Srikanth

    Hi Akhil,

    Nice review of the Triton, you have covered almost all the aspects. Have you checked out the DSG Genesis? it looks awesome!!! and it is retailing at around Rs. 7499, however i am not sure on the water proofing system it has!…. Any thoughts on this?


    1. AK

      Hey Srikanth, haven’t seen the Genesis till now, but it looks good for sure! However, I think it’ll have the same problem as the Triton – heating up in summer. The Genesis looks like a textile jacket too, with very little ventilation, and that is a nightmare to wear in hot weather.
      I am certain it will be waterproof, that’s the one thing DSG jackets are always good at 🙂 I would recommend going for some mesh jacket, because they offer more flexibility of use. They remain comfortable in hot weather, you can wear a rain jacket over them in rain, and a thermal layer under them in cold. Hope that helps!

  2. Amogh Sahasrabhojanee

    Nice review of the Triton, Akhil. I own a Triton myself, I too wore it on my Ladakh ride. However, it isn’t something that I can wear everyday. I’m thinking of buying a mesh jacket, wore my buddy’s Spartan Helios for a 3 hour ride in the hot summer and I must say I was impressed. It’d be really cool if you could review some mesh jacket, it would certainly help clueless people like me to decide 🙂

    1. AK

      Definitely man, as soon as i can gather the money to buy one 🙂

  3. Muhamad Sharafudeen

    If u remove the thermal liner inside the jacket, wont it be bearable in summer too???

    1. AK

      Nopes. The jacket is just too thick, the small zips provided at front and back don’t do shit.

  4. Srijan Mukherjee

    Its a great review my friend, I too have been using this triton jacket for over a year now. It works wonderfully well in the winters but in summer its not the one to go for. However, i’m using it this summer season (Delhi) as don’t have enough moolah to go for another one right now. Jackets is definitely very good on all aspects. Not fit for summers for sure..

    1. AK

      True mate, it’s horrible for summers!