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DSG Nero reviewIn our last post, we checked out one amazing riding jacket from DSG, the Triton. PlanetDSG has a lot to offer in the riding gear department, and quite a lot as far as jackets are concerned.

DSG Nero is a tried and tested piece of equipment, and has been used by many riders over the last few years. In this DSG Nero review, we try to find out what makes it so popular and how it stands against the Triton.

DSG Nero review: Is it waterproof?

DSG Nero jacket looks like it is waterproof, but there are a few chinks in its armor. The outside zipped pockets at the front are NOT waterproof, which we found out coming back from Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh. We were caught in strong rains at Chang la pass and had kept a digicam in one of the front pockets, when we took it out at Leh it had quite a few drops of water on it. Thankfully, it was not damaged!

In heavy rain, water seeps in from the front zip as well. The seepage isn’t too much, but there will be dampness inside. So, DSG Nero isn’t the most waterproof jacket out there.

Is it cold proof?

Yes it is. It employs the same removable thermal liner as the DSG Triton, which does a nice job protecting against the elements. However, if you happen to encounter cold AND rain, then you are going to feel some of it inside because of its waterproof system failure.

Is it comfortable to wear?

Yes. Like all DSG products, it is well made and fits nicely on the body. Nothing moves anywhere unless it is needed to. The back, shoulder and elbow protectors don’t pinch anything. It fits snugly to the body and isn’t too heavy either.

It is quite a lot comfortable to wear in summer, as compared to the Triton. There are 6 zips for ventilation, 2 on the arms, 2 on the chest and 2 at back. It feels rather good to drive with it, even under a harsh sun. But like all riding jackets, when you stop or get stuck in traffic, it is going to get a bit uncomfortable.

Does it provide protection?

You get the standard foam pads at back, elbows and shoulders. Good enough for low speed impacts, but nothing too serious.

Should you take it to Ladakh?

That may not be the best idea. The DSG Nero used to be priced at 5,999 rupees a few months back. Now it costs 6,499 bucks, the same as DSG Triton. For the same amount, Triton is a much better buy than Nero, especially for Ladakh.

DSG Nero reviewCan you wear it in summer?

Because it has more zips for ventilation as compared to the Triton, you can wear this jacket even in summer, with the thermal layer removed of course. However, it is not a mesh jacket like DSG Rage, so the level of ventilation would never match one of its mesh counterparts. Still it is bearable in summer time. Keep in mind that the rain liner is NOT removable, unlike the website says.

DSG Nero review: Verdict

DSG Nero is an old horse, going strong from a long long time. It is good for dry winters and not-too-hot summers, but any extremes and you are going to feel it. At 6,499, it isn’t too good a value for money either, especially considering its rivals like the Triton and Rage.

DSG Nero isn’t the jacket you want to take to Ladakh, but if you are looking for a daily commuter jacket for Delhi’s cold, it would work well. You can wear it in summer as well, but it isn’t going to be too nice.

RiderZone recommends NOT to buy this jacket. It is good, but not better than its rivals. 

Image source: PlanetDSG.com

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  1. KS

    Hi akhil, what will be the best riding jacket and gloves for the environment like Bangalore has..not very worm or cold..and having good rain protection. I was planning to get 1 Pro bike gloves but after reading your article drop my plane and looking for good pare of glove..and jacket in the near future..Lastly still waiting for TB350 Review from your end..

    1. AK

      Hey man, sorry about the TB350 review. Last 2 weeks have been pretty busy, with office work, reviews and my obsession with learning video editing 🙂 I am working on it.
      The best riding jacket for your requirement would be the Spartan Hyperion, check out the review here. I haven’t used it myself, but from what I hear, it is pretty badass and I plan to get one as well.
      Good thing you have decided against the ProBiking gloves, they are just pathetic. Let me look around for a good pair of gloves around 1500 bucks and I will get back to you.

    2. KS

      Thanks Akhil.. 😀

      1. kishor

        Hi Akhil, How is Cramsters Breezer Mesh Jacket..I am planning to go for Mansoon drive next month..looking for good jacket with good protection in an around 5-6K…will be using for daily commuting in Bangalore as well..Please suggest..

        1. AK

          I would advise you to stay away from anything Cramster, their quality has gone down significantly over the years. Invest in a good jacket, it’ll cost you around 8k, but it’ll last longer and protect you better.

          If you are in Bangalore, go to Let’s Gear Up in HSR and try out their jacket, brilliant stuff. Other good options is Spartan Helios.