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DSG Acqua review – Is it worth the moolah?

dsg acqua reviewOn our Ladakh ride, we wanted to carry a pair of gloves that could handle ice cold rain, chilly winds and the occasional snowfall as well, since the weather there can change rather quickly. Our choices were narrowed down to the DSG Acqua, Cramster Tundra and the Alpinestars Drystar Apex.

Because of the extremely negative views about Cramster products on the Xbhp forums and the high cost of the Drystar, we went ahead and bought ourselves an Acqua. Now that we have taken it 3000 Kms through heat and dust and rain and snow through the highways of Delhi and the valleys of Ladakh, here we are with a simple, to the point DSG Acqua review.

DSG Acqua review: Are they waterproof?

Yes they are. We rode them through rain and hail and snow and the hand remained perfectly dry. Wear them INSIDE the sleeve of a waterproof riding jacket and not ON it, if you want your wrists to remain water free. Keep in mind that even though they are waterproof, if you encounter ice cold rain, like in Ladakh, you are going to feel it on your hands.

Are they cold proof?

Not entirely. DSG Acqua will handle the “normal” winter of Delhi with ease, but it can’t handle anything too cold and wet. When we crossed Manali and then Rohtang through Sarchu and then forward, all was well. However in the course of this DSG Acqua review, at Tanglang la pass, we were greeted by ice cold rain and hail. Like we mentioned before, even though they are waterproof, the cold of the water penetrates through very easily.

Are they comfortable?

No, they are not. They are quite thick, so the movement of the fingers is severely restricted. Plus they have layers of warm material inside, which stick to your hand because of the occasional sweating. So when you try to get the glove off, the layers get displaced, almost coming out of their place inside the fingers. Then when you try to get them back on, it’s a mess. You need to be very careful taking your hand out and then back in, otherwise you end with fingers half stuck into the wrong areas.

Do they provide protection?

Yes they do. Part of the protection comes from how thick the glove is. Apart from that there is a separate knuckle protection area as well. There is no protection on the fingers or the palm though, but the heavy lining inside should provide good cushion in case of a fall. We tried our best to test the protection level during this DSG Acqua review, but as God would have it, we didn’t meet any accident.

Should you take them to Ladakh?

Hell no. They are only good for dry winters, like we get up north. Anything with rain or snow and your fingers will feel like they are in a freezer. Also, they need too much care to take off and put back on, something you won’t have the courtesy of doing when stuck on a cold mountain pass with a hailstorm. This is the most important, actionable result of this DSG Acqua review – DO NOT take them to Ladakh!

Can you wear them in summer?

Hell no. They are just too hot to wear in any other temperature expect cold. This is because they are completely closed by layer after layer of waterproof and winter lining, there is no airflow whatsoever. Even while riding in a cold environment, if you happen to have to occasional sunshine, your palms will be sweaty. DSG Acqua is a strictly winter glove.

DSG Acqua review: Verdict

Well, this glove from DSG is useful in a very narrow set of conditions. It can’t be hot, it can’t be raining, it just has to be a little cold but not too much. In any other situation, it is bound to get uncomfortable. Plus it restricts the movement of the hands quite a lot and is difficult to remove and put on smoothly. For 2,499 rupees, it really just isn’t worth the investment. I have gone to a great deal of trouble to bring you this DSG Acqua review, so take heed and stay away!

RiderZone recommendation would be NOT to buy this one.

Image Source: a2z-motorcycle-superstore.com. Video review coming up soon!

16 thoughts on “DSG Acqua review – Is it worth the moolah?”

      1. No such gloves. Waterproof gloves are too hot for summer. Summer gloves are not waterproof. You’ll have to go for 2 different pairs. Try DSG Hydro for rain, and Rynox Inferno for other times.

    1. DSG Acqua is no longer available. You can get DSG Hydro now, which is an improved version of this glove. Online purchase can be made at http://planetdsg.com, although I would strongly recommend going to a nearby riding gear shop and checking the glove out yourself before buying it.

    1. I haven’t seen any good option in the market as of now, except the A* Apex Drystar ones, which are costly. DSG has pulled the Aqua from the market and replaced it with the Hydro, which is slightly better. The only other option left is the Spartan Pegasus, which is shit too, same for the Cramster Tundra. Go to shops and try them out, pick up whatever feels good.

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