Dear “Dear George” writer, fuck off



I would like to begin this article by extending you an olive branch, and invite you to unfuck yourself by gently sliding your fist out of your rectum.

I understand why you are doing what you are doing, I have done it myself, here’s one example. My work against Lorenzo might be a bit more logical than your imaginative bitch moans, but I believe we agree as far as the general sense of direction goes.

More importantly, it pains me to admit that I recognize in you a lot of the things I once was, and it is slightly embarrassing to be suspected that I am the man behind your Facebook page. We share some sarcasm, a twisted sense of humor, and the ability to connect seemingly far-fetched things to prove a non-existent point. I would like to think that I have outgrown your level, but it is easy to overrate oneself.

Now it’s time for you to go ahead and do your favorite thing, a little bit of lube might help, or perhaps you prefer saliva or some other natural bodily fluid. Feel free to use the olive branch I gave you in the beginning as well, there’s no shame, it’s a victimless crime.

My aim in this article is to show you and the people who keep sharing your posts why you deserve none of the attention you are attracting. I would try to keep my arguments as straightforward as possible, but I think we both know it’s much more fun to do the wrong thing.

It’s easy to do what you are doing

It doesn’t take a genius to pile hate on Lorenzo, he is clearly not a likeable guy. He doesn’t give a shit about fans, rarely ever smiles, and has orchestrated some remarkably boring races leading every corner, every lap. It is even easier to dislike him considering the other options available. Rossi attracts fans like Manson attracted groupies, Marquez is popular both on and off the track, and then there’s Pedrosa, who can only be described as the second coming of Jesus.

All you’re doing in an elaborate version of high-school bullying, picking on the one the popular kids hate.

I’m not impressed, and I don’t really understand why so many others are. The only skills required to do what you are doing are:

  • A beating heart
  • Slightly below average IQ
  • A childhood of neglect and abuse, coupled with a head that’s been in the toilet too many times

It goes without saying that you have no obligation to impress me, just like Lorenzo has no obligation to impress you. I am writing this to question the judgement and taste of the people who sit on their knees, mouth wide open, head tilted back, waiting for your pus and blood filled ejaculations.

Your opinion is irrelevant

You are not Casey Stoner, you are not Colin Edwards, you are not Troy Bayliss. I know that because none of them are balding, jobless, twice-aborted online trolls like you, believe me, I checked. From the little I’ve read of you, you come off as someone who not only doesn’t understand what MotoGP is about, but has very little knowledge of sports in general.

The mere act of creating a Facebook page and writing some clever nonsense about someone doesn’t exactly prove your qualifications for the task.

On a similar note, who the fuck is George? I don’t know of anybody in the current MotoGP field by that name. Either you call Lorenzo that because you have no idea how Jorge is pronounced in Spanish, or you are too much of a pussy to use his real name.

My guess is you are from America, because in only that country it is possible for any random turd to stand up and start explosively vomiting words about things he clearly doesn’t understand, while also gathering hordes of redneck supporters who can’t tell bestiality from incest.

Your methods are counter-productive

I’m assuming that the reason you setup the Facebook page is to demoralize Lorenzo, maybe irritate him, get inside his skin. You seem to have completely forgotten that this guy has lived his entire career in the shadow of Rossi, has been booed on podiums, criticised at every step. He thrives on this negativity, loves to give the middle finger to butthurt fans, and steps on little shits like you to reach the top of the podium.

If you really want Lorenzo to fail, praise him, love him, suck his dick or give him a rim job. This man is fuelled by the desire to prove everyone wrong, everyone who thinks he can’t tame the Ducati, everyone who feels he’s not as good as Rossi. You can remove his motivation by being nice to him, what you’re doing right now is only feeding Cthulu.

On a similar note, why would you want Lorenzo to fail? Do you actually wish that a man as talented as him should no longer be able to fight for the win? Don’t you want races like this? Do you really wish that the one guy you jack off to should win without a fight?

I wish that the MotoGP guys should fight like the Moto3 kids do, 5 should go into corner side by side and rough each other up. For that to happen, you need highly skilled people who won’t do a Maldonado in every race. Legends are made not just by the skills of the legend, but by that of the one who fights him as well.

A wise man once said that sports exist for the sole purpose of teaching people to hate other people they don’t know for no reason.

Your followers are pathetic

Most of your followers are Rossi fans. Rossi has this unique ability to make people love him, and more importantly, hate others who are not him. His allegations about the Marquez-Lorenzo relationship didn’t help things, nor does the fact that he has never publicly asked his supporters not to spew hatred on Lorenzo or Marc.

It’s such a disgrace to hear the cries of booing at the end of a race, your page is basically an online version of the same phenomenon.

It’s crazy to find such widespread support for what is essentially cyber bullying. What do these morons even like in your work? I know all too well that fucking up someone’s day is a very rewarding experience, but there at least should be some logical reason to justify such depravity.

At the end of the day, MotoGP is nothing more than entertainment, a show, a theatre. You’re gonna have your heroes, and there will be villains as well, but the intelligent viewer understands that it’s all good business, wishes for some memorable fights, and takes nothing too seriously.

You are being a fucking coward

Let’s for a moment assume that everything I’ve said till now is objectively wrong, we are still stuck with the fact that you have to hide behind Gigi to do your thing. What’s up with that? What are you afraid of?

If you have something to say, at least let us know who you are so we may judge your ability to say those things. What’s the worst that could happen? Ducati might sue you, Lorenzo might send you a legal notice, Dorna might send SWAT to your mom’s basement. I would think that would be an improvement on your existence right now.

As someone who has been sent legal notices from time to time, I would like you to know that it’s not so bad after all. If anything, that helps you get more publicity, although the first few times can be a bit nerve wracking.

Keep the imaginative stories, no problems with that, but at the end of the post just leave a link to your Facebook profile, or any other place where we might get some idea of what dungeon you’ve crawled out of.

In case you are wondering why I wrote this piece, I did it because nobody else seems to have. I ignored you in the beginning, because as Richard Dawkins says, acknowledging your existence is equivalent to giving you the oxygen of respectability. This article will have the unintended side-effect of making some people be aware of you whose lives were until now untouched by the cosmic catastrophe that’s you. However, things were getting a bit too irritating for me, and someone had to tell the world that this is all monumentally stupid.

I’ve said what I wanted to say, and you are now free to extricate your arm out of your ass and move onto your second most favourite thing, sucking your thumb.

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  1. rishabh kaushik

    Ram ram…

    In the beginning, couple of posts were good (and when I say good it means not bad) but now it indeed sucks…

    VR46ForzaVaLEtheDoctor Fan4ever!!! m/ ……ROFL!

  2. Divyanshu Boora

    Hahahaha. You sound like a cry baby. Also, your opinion is far more irrelevant than his. His life’s aim is not to impress you. He is writing what he feels like writing. Like the way you wrote this crap, he can write whatever he wants too.

    1. Fat Owens Fat

      “Also, your opinion is far more irrelevant than his”
      And yet you took the time and patience to not only click on this link to arrive here on your slow internet connection but you also had the patience for the page to load and then read the whole article top to bottom. If that wasn’t enough, you even took the time to login to discus and post a 5 sentence comment.

      And yet you say this opinion is irrelevant. It seems like it did its job and irk pseudo “MotoGP” fans like you who are too dumb to not realize that Boris is conning you smartypants into buying his teashirts, mugs and caps and making a business out of dumb followers. 🙂

      1. Divyanshu Boora

        Dear Mr. Einstein, irking and being irrelevant are two separate things. Should have paid attention in school. Anyways, all the gyaan you have given me here, is exactly what I was trying to tell this lad here, but alas, some ‘real’ MotoGP fan decided to jump in and ruin my only chance.

        Also, when I am not working as a snake charmer, or helping a dimwit white skin folk trying to restart his laptop sitting in a call centre here in India, I do use my slow internet, for some interesting things, but sadly encounter some below average writers trying too hard to get noticed in some way. And some even worse. Like yourself.

        1. Rahul Sen


        2. Fat Owens Fat

          Point still remains. You say his opinion is irrelevant yet you come here and bitch and moan about somebody criticizing your favorite internet boyfriend Boris. Seems pretty relevant to me.

  3. Fat Owens Fat

    The guy’s name is Boris something. Probably some European guy not American. He is also making money out of it and the shameless “MotoGP fans” are idiotically buying whatever he’s selling. Wouldn’t take long for MotoGP or the concerned riders who’s face is plastered on his merchandize shut down his business and file legal notice at his nearest court of law for trademark violations.

    Speaking of Lorenzo, all he has to do is win 1 GP on the Ducati even if the GP17 seems to be 2 steps behind the GP 15 and 1 step behind the GP16 this year with Dovi save for his Qatar sprint to 2nd hasn’t been able to get into the top 5.
    The RedBull track will be interesting to watch where the top speed matters more than cornering speed and where Ducati won last year with a 1-2.

  4. Rahul Sen

    Good to see you back. 🙂
    I kinda googled this “Dear George” shit , and damn…. might have to ‘Gangajal’ my eyes.

    1. Susie Thatcher

      Thanks for giving Dear George even MORE traffic than it currently gets. ie. WAY more than your pathetic blog of gutless bikes you don’t even have the skill to comment on.
      Boris only appears to be a bully to people that get bullied, have you got a mirror?
      Saying that you do it yourself makes you a hypocrite, look it up, its after “holier than thou” and before “idiot”.
      Suggesting he has done it from ANY influence from you just shows how far your head is stuck up your OWN ars. There is that hypocrite thing again.
      He eats tools like you for breakfast and that you want to piggy back on Boris’ success is no surprise.
      Why I even looked at your pathetic cry for attention is.
      Thanks for the laugh.
      AT you, not with you.

    2. David Gibbo

      You’re gay and sleep with dogs.

  5. Wyatt Mitchell

    Butt hurt much?

  6. Dingolfi is the author.

    Which of course you didn’t know.
    Because you were in a hurry to spew shit before figuring out shit.

    The blog page is at

    Read and improve your mind.
    And your English.
    And your grammar.
    And your humor sense.
    And whatever else you can.

    Pissing off people is one thing.
    Proving to people that you’re a clueless web cretin, quite another.
    Do the former.
    Stop doing the latter.

  7. Aniruddha Phukan

    Aaah, the good ol’ venom-spitting fire-breathing articles are back!! Nice to see you’re still there, Akhil. :p

    Also, “A wise man once said that sports exist for the sole purpose of teaching people to hate other people they don’t know for no reason”….isn’t this religion? 😀

  8. Sanjay Purohit

    What a timing, buddy 😉

  9. Incensed

    Brilliant! Oh how I loved reading this article, laughing aloud as I did. And then, the comments!!!! So funny !!!! Particularly from “Fat Owens Fat”, they were outrageously the best back-flips I’ve seen in a while. Anyhoo, you keep doing your thing. Speculating about people before you attempt even the most basic of research and fact-checks. I’m 110% sure Boris and BikeMe will continue to do theirs. A quick check of their blog shows they’ve been at it for a while now. But of course, you already knew that when you wrote this yeah? Oh ….. hmmm guess you didn’t.


  10. Billy Kaylock

    it worked , Dear George is getting a lot of response. Although I don’t agree with what you have said , I respect your right to say it. As for the other Jorge. He has devalued my Ducati and that he must pay. Cheers Billy

  11. Rangasaki Dan

    so, here we are reading one unknown “writer” or telemarketer having a cry because a well known professional has a sattire blog, that according to mr superpower 2020 is “irrelevent and pathetic”. not to mention you even went as far as to judge the “followers”. i mean be real man, you dont know any of the followers or the writer to even make such an outrages call. as far as mr lorenzo is concerned how do you know he has not found the humour in such an artistic expression?. i mean a man of your stature and slow internet must be rubbing shoulders with the best, maybe even polishing his helmet. please apoligise for this so called outcry to save the world from this darkness bestowed upon us. let us enjoy a bit of comedy and running commentry on current competition standings.

    i also enjoy beef

  12. Yannick Sasso

    The writer of Dear George is anything but anonymous. Boris Mihalovic is a successful, syndicated, very talented and respected motorcycle columnist here in Australia and who has been around for decades. He published books. And given the sheer size of him, I’d love to see you tell him to his face he is a fucking coward to his face, although my guess is you wouldn’t dare…. and who are you anyway?
    Nobody is doubting Lorenzo talent. The reason he earned the fans contempt is his lack of sportsmanship and humility, or as we’d say here, his head is up his ass. He’s not the fans favorite for a reason, so poking a bit of fun at him is warranted.
    So please keep on being an outraged keyboard warrior, and I will keep enjoying Boris columns, including Dear George.
    So call me a moron – not as if I would care anyway.

  13. Miriam Wagstaff

    Do the people that read your blog realise how pathetic you are?

    You complained to Facebook to have Dear George suspended.

    Hopefully everyone can see what a jealous peasant you are?

  14. Martyn Lloyd

    Its called ‘Humour” perhaps you’ve heard of it , because you don’t have a sense of”’

  15. Rob Comerford

    It’s called sarcasm and humour, you should try it. You’ve just vilified someone for having the ability to show both in articles.
    By the way George is the english equivalent for Jorge.

  16. David Gibbo

    You stupid idiot. You’re a cry baby, not a man.

  17. Amit Kerur

    U have wasted ur fucking time to write this much big explaination as if u r Lorenzo… U r the guy who must be sucking his dick…

  18. Pa Aa

    AK, you’re a humourless fuckwit. If you don’t like embarrassing yourself, you should stop writing.

  19. retipser jay

    Good one Akhil…
    I can hear lot of Poetry, hymns and singing from people in pain 😀 😀

  20. Sierra Travis

    I only read this because it popped up during my search for “Dear George” and thought it would be funny or at least educational with a little bit of research and found more in the comments than in the article .