Video Vednesday: Insane crashes and scary close calls



I really need to stop calling this Video Vednesday, can’t remember the last time it was actually posted on the correct day.

In any case, behold! I have brought you new plunders from my psychotic Youtube binge-watching sessions. This time, we go back to our tried and tested motorcycle crashes, with a few sprinkles of near-misses thrown in for some extra spicy fun.

I’ve recently realized that watching so many other people crash has changed my mindset on the roads. Some part of it is good, my sixth-sense works far better now, I’m really good at predicting nasty situations, and knowing how to get out of them. On the other hand, I feel far more scared on the road that I should be.

It’s true that in many of these crashes, innocent people got injured, and sometimes even lost their lives, due to the ignorance of a few total retards. It’s also true that giving metal missiles that can go 150 kmph to a species as foolish as Homo Sapiens is asking for a disaster. However, it’s also true that these videos and crashes represent only a small fraction of a road user’s life experience. Most people don’t upload their videos of just painlessly riding through life because it’s fucking boring.

Just because there are a bunch of negatives compiled together doesn’t mean that the entire world is negative.

I guess that rant was more for myself than for you, not unlike most of the other shit I spew on this site. In any case, here are the 5 videos from this week!

1. Some nasty close calls

Some of these near-misses make you go “Ooooohh fuuuuck!”. People are too dumb, and bikers seem invisible at times.

Many of these incidents are the riders’ fault as well, you take your eyes off the road for a second, and you turn your head back to find a truck waiting for you to crash into.

But the easiest way to get into big trouble is the combination of the two. You make a mistake, and find yourself at the mercy of some retard, you are finished.

2. A biker’s priorities in life

A very interesting video from a very popular part of the world for bikers. Take a look at what happens when a guy crashes with his girlfriend behind him, watch the first thing he does after he gets up.

3. As close as it gets

Another sex video by RNickeyMouse from Mullholland, this time of a guy who very nearly takes himself and his sweet looking bike out while attempting too hard to get his elbow down.

I’ve never understood the reasons behind people trying to test their riding skills on a public road. Some part of it is obviously to show-off, but then again it just seems to be such a pointless thing to do. A risk must be associated with a reward, I don’t see any in this case. It’s not even like these people have a lack of proper tracks to slide their elbows on.

There are so many things I don’t understand in this world.

4. OK, no, this is closer, much closer

This is just a fucking miracle, there’s no other way to describe it. If I was the guy riding that bike, I would just get off the damn thing, drop it to the side, and keep walking into the bushes to the right until I could breathe again.

Just goes to show that you don’t always have to do something wrong to get fucked, and you never have enough time to save yourself when the shit hits the fan.

5. Why India needs more race tracks

This is something I’m going to ride in detail about next week, but here’s a crash video from India’s so-called Mullholland, the Lavasa road.

Lavasa is the shittiest, most dangerous, biker infested hellhole I’ve ever seen in my life. I went there only once, and never felt the need to make that mistake. Here’s one example of why, many more coming in the future.

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  1. Tomson

    LOL..!!! the girlfriend guy was like,” oh shit… we crashed..oh god no my bike… is my bike ok..?? i got you baby, daddy’s here…. oh wait, i have to check on the girl or i wont get any tonight….but is my bike ok?? yeah i guess so… i think i’ll check on the girl now….thank god my bike’s ok….” 😛 😀

    1. AK

      😛 I still didn’t understand how the girl got hurt though, she was well geared, and the hand that she was clutching after the crash wasn’t the side that hit the ground.

      1. Tomson

        The guy fell on her left hand and it got dragged a bit…….. She’s holding the helmet in it after, so no heavy damage…
        Imagine if she didn’t have any gear on… hehe..

        1. AK

          That would’ve been carnage!

          1. Tomson

            You know, you can see them in the first (i think) video from your “RNickyMouse and his house of gore” page…:-P

          2. AK

            Oh yeah! The yellow R6 guy right? Looks like they were a regular then, tough luck.

          3. Tomson