Video Vednesday: Crash videos kick ass



I hope I crash soon.

I never really had a major spill till date. On my first bike, a Pulsar 150, I had 2 falls in some 40,000 kms. The first one was on the second day I got the bike, and I simply dropped it while making a U-turn. I swore so loudly the neighbors came out thinking I was giving birth.

The second one happened during a night of Chandigarh rains. I was going out to meet some friends, and there was a left turn ahead of me. I had to keep going straight, and that’s what I was doing. Out of nowhere this fucking Wagon R comes crashing onto the main road. As he kept coming onto me, I tried squeezing my bike into the turn, I was too quick to stop straight in time. 

There was slush on the turn.

The front locked, and I went flying over the handlebars like Superman. Luckily, the road was empty for those precious few seconds. I remember watching the road below me, slowly coming in closer, and then me finally hitting it like a frog, on all fours, and then running for a few meters like a deranged dog, before remembering I’m human and standing up straight.

I didn’t fall, technically. Unluckily, one of my contact lenses was thrown out during the acrobatics. It slid out under my helmet, onto the bike, and then laid itself square in the middle of the road. By the time I realized I couldn’t see shit, the lens had already been run over into fine dust.

On my second bike, the Duke 390, I have never crashed in the 40,000 kms it has done. When I say I haven’t crashed, I mean the handlebars have never touched the ground, even if I had to break my right wrist to keep it that way.

But I hope it happens soon, I really want it to, for a number of reasons.

If you are like me, you have trouble sleeping the night before a ride starts. If you are like me, you spend that time doing the most ridiculous thing imaginable. Intuitively, it might seem like a bad idea to watch a bunch of people die on motorcycles right before you plonk your own ass on one, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I’ve seen too many crash videos, so much so that I know the result of every impossible motorcycling shitstorm that you can possibly get yourself into. 

The easiest way to know something is to watch someone else do it. Crash videos kick ass because if you are smart enough, you can learn how to keep your face from grating on the asphalt, while sitting naked and covered in pizza on your couch. But as much as I enjoy watching other people suffer, I want to get in on the action as well.

Crashing is good because it keeps your confidence in check. Riding safely has a lot to do about your trust in yourself, but too much of that trust, and you end up without enough brain capacity to comprehend the meaning of trust.

Crashing is also good because it removes that “new bike”feel out of the equation. When you are riding, your mind should be clear, focused. When I am on a new bike, I so scared of making a mistake that I am barely able to concentrate. Thankfully, our roads and public is so fucked up, that within a week or so your “new bike” is covered every kind of foul-smelling material that can flow out of any animal orifice, plus a few scratches and dents.

And that is awesome, because it’s one less thing to worry about. But in case that doesn’t happen, you know what to do. Don’t worry about not having enough balls to get back on the bike again. If you don’t have them, better to stay away anyways.

Wherever you are, wherever you are from, if you are reading this, I, with all the deepest feelings of my heart, hope that you crash soon. 

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  1. Shivani Shankar

    All the best for your crash 🙂

    1. AK

      Thanks mate!

  2. Aditya N Bharadwaj

    Please no more crashes.
    I had a clean record of perfect ride finishes for around two years. Just one recent tiny crash and a bruise on my leg was enough for my parents to dismiss me off as irresponsible, careless, bad rider, unsafe, unstable, etc etc. Sad!
    But yes I have to agree with you, a crash can really open up a rider’s mind. Not much use if it opens up his mind literally 😛

    1. AK

      LOL, true mate!

      I guess my thinking is different about crashing because I stay away from home.

  3. Rachit Sharma

    Every time I crash, I have the same line of thought:
    where is the ***** who caused this??? –> Shit, is the bike all right??? –> Are my clothes/gear torn??? –> Again, where is the ***** who caused this??? –> Am I hurt??? –> Arre is somebody going to pick me up or what!!!! 😀 😀

    1. AK

      How many times have you?

      1. Rachit Sharma

        On Hero Puch: more than 3 times… I was just learning to drive and was told by my father not to release the clutch suddenly. Me being me, was curious what happens if I do that. Learnt the hard way…Those were some days!
        LML Adreno, once. That time I learnt the importance of concentration while driving.
        HH Karizma: Never 😀
        Pulsar RS200: Once, actually while stopping my foot got stuck in a tree’s root and I just dropped the bike!
        As pillion: thrice 🙁 One of them was 3 days before my engagement. I was limping during the function, which raised a lot of rumors in the bride’s side 😛

        1. AK

          LOL, you have some experience in the crashing department.

  4. Sushil Tomar

    Crashes ….i have see enough of them on screen and in action both. i have had more than 10 minor crashes(0 injury,0collision, only1 bent legguard) to my belt . Cant blame all to shitty roads, almost all were self errors.

    Wid absolute zero bicycle or motorcycle experience, bought avenger220 at 27yrs age, learned on it, got licence last year,standing 5ft/55kg handling an avenger .

    all explains my 10+ record…:D but m working on my skills…getting better ride after ride.

    1. AK

      That’s how it works 🙂

  5. Srinivasan

    wrongly guessing other’s speed, brakes and taking things granted that you will have a clear road.. what else other driver’s stupidity….

    1. AK