Is cheap riding gear worth the money spent?



Cheap riding gear reviewIn our last discussion, we took a look at the Probiker riding gloves, one of the cheapest ones out there. We have also discussed in the past the elbow guards vs riding jacket dilemma. The point here is, how much is your life worth to you? How about just your fingers? Or your spine?

Riding a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous thing, simply because of the fact that they don’t balance by themselves, unlike cars or even auto-rickshaws. This is why all serious riders tend to wear full riding gear, especially on long rides. But now the question comes, should you just buy riding gear for the sake of it? Should you buy cheap riding gear at all? We say NO, and we have good reasons for it. 

Cheap riding gear: No protection

You buy riding gear for protection in the event of a mishap, cheap riding gear doesn’t give you any protection. What good are plastic panels that will just fall off when you hit the tarmac? The material needs to be tough. Good riding gear is like armor, it takes all the heat and keeps you unscathed. But who will give you such good quality armor for 500 bucks? It’s just impossible.

Sometimes cheap gear can actually cause more harm than good. There have been instances of plastic shards from cheap riding gloves damaging the knuckles and the hand. So cheap riding gear just doesn’t provide no protection, it causes more harm than just falling off the bike naked.

Cheap riding gear: No comfort

More often than not, cheap gear is extremely uncomfortable. The Probiker gloves that I own dig into my skin and cause rashes. The Fox bionic jacket that I have tries to choke my throat every now and then. They just don’t give you that freedom and happiness that good riding gear does.

You will be cruising along the highway, trying to enjoy the scenery, but all you will be doing is scratching your back, adjusting that armor and searing in pain. This is no way to ride.

Cheap riding gear: No value

You pay some money, a small amount, but nevertheless money, for buying cheap riding gear. It gives you nothing in return, no comfort or protection. What value is your investment then?

You don’t get ANYTHING at all by buying such down market items. It is a total wastage of money.

Cheap riding gear: Verdict

I think we have made it amply clear that we hate cheap riding gear. I would prefer riding down the highway wearing nothing but a banana peel as opposed to a full assortment of cheap riding gear. Keep that in your mind next time you go shopping!

RiderZone recommends good quality riding gear, no matter how costly.

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  1. Himadri Shekhar Sikder

    Thanks, i have got a lot of information, would u please write on some more protective gear, and where from i buy this, like armour, gloves, etc

    1. AK

      Hey man. I have written a lot of posts about the protective gears I have used. All you have to do is go to the Gears caterogy:
      Let me know if you need anything specific, I will try my best to help out. Where do you live? Based on that I can recommend best place to buy.

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