Buddh International Circuit Open Track Day – 4th May!



buddh international circuit open track dayHold on to your horses, it’s time for the Buddh International Circuit Open track day! India’s only Formula One track has organized an Open Track Day on 4th May 2014. It will be a completely unrestricted event, in the sense that you can bring any vehicle you like, and the whole track will be at your disposal. Of course you’ll need to take care of all safety precautions, and the track will be available to you in a session by session basis. You have to keep in mind that this is NOT a race, but a competition against yourself, and time. Each session will be 45 minutes long.

Buddh International Circuit Open Track Day – Rates

  • Cars: 5000 for one session, 15,000 for all three.
  • Bikes: 4000 for one session, 12,000 for all three.

For 500 rupees extra per session, you get a “Super Slot”, no idea what difference that makes though! The best part is that there will be trained professionals available to teach you the nuances of tackling a track in the best way possible, so you can bet your slow ass the rider who comes in the morning, will not be same as the one who goes out in evening.

Both bike and car riders will have to wear helmets. Bikers will also have to wear full riding gear, with riding jacket, riding pants/knee guards, above-ankle length boots and full-gauntlet gloves. You can get a helmet at the track by paying 200 bucks for one session, and 500 for 3. For people who would like to make videos of their time at the track, cameras will be provided for 1000 rupees per session, or 2500 for all 3. That will also include a CD of your antics on the asphalt. Also, you can pay 500 for one session or 1000 for all three sessions and get a transponder fixed to your machine, which will give you lap times, top speeds and other awesome information.

buddh international circuit open track dayNot only can you have a go in your own vehicle, here are some other options for people looking to have a good time:

  1. Ride for 2 laps in a Mercedes SLS AMG in the passenger seat, for 7500 rupees.
  2. Go around the track as a passenger in Mercedes C/E/ML class cars for one lap by paying 1500 rupees.
  3. Drive race-spec VW Polos available at the track. 12000 for 20 minutes and 17000 for 45 minutes.
  4. You can also Go Kart, which will cost 500 for 5 laps, 2500 for 30 minutes and 5000 for 1 hour.

So even if you don’t own a supercar or superbike, you can still have a lot of fun on the track!  I had a very good time there during the recent KTM Track Day. So get out there and go have a good time. See the attached pictures for details.

Registration begins at 8.30 AM onwards, 4th May. Contact BIC people at +91 120 4428013/35/46/62/24 (9.30 AM – 6 PM) for advance booking.

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