Bionic protection jacket vs Riding jacket: Tough choice?



Bionic protection jacket vs riding jacketSometime back we discussed if you should go for just elbow guards or a full-blown riding jacket. As obvious as it may have been, the riding jacket won our votes. In the same direction, one more question is raised quite frequently, the Bionic protection jacket vs Riding jacket one. For those of you who don’t know, bionic protection jackets are pieces of armor held together by a layer of mesh. As is obvious, they are very good for riding in summer, as they provide lots of ventilation. But are they a better overall package? Let’s take a look.

Bionic protection jacket vs Riding jacket: Safety?

Bionic protection jackets, like we discussed, are nothing more than pieces of armor held together by a mesh. They do provide elbow, chest, back and shoulder protection, but they miss out on the generic strength given by the hard materials of the riding jacket. So in case of a fall, they are going to protect you, but chances are that bruises will come through the layers and leave some marks here or there. Riding jackets are much safer than bionic jackets.


I own a bionic jacket from Fox. It is arguably not the best one available out there, and at close to a 1000 rupees, it ain’t dirt cheap either. I also own the DSG Triton jacket, which I absolutely love. In my experience, riding jackets are much more comfortable than their bionic counterparts. Bionic jackets are rather flimsy, they keep moving in weird directions and sometimes can get very annoying. My jacket has the tendency to move backwards and choke my throat for instance.

Riding jackets on the other hand simply hug your skin and stay there. In the comfort department too then, riding jackets take the cake.

elbow guards vs riding jacketPracticability?

Riding jackets are tough, they should be. Bionic jackets are really fragile, and that doesn’t inspire much confidence. Wearing a bionic jacket is a rather difficult affair, you need to be very careful, as even the slightest pull will tear the net. Hence, when you are on a trip, you can take your jacket on and off as you please. But the bionic jacket will stay where it is.

Also, bionic jackets are mostly worn under the shirt, whereas riding jackets are the topmost layer. Another reason why you won’t be taking the bionic jacket out on any trip.

Bionic protection jacket vs Riding jacket: Verdict

There is only one advantage of the bionic protection jacket, you can wear it during summer with ease. Riding jackets get very hot in summer and can be difficult to handle. But apart from that in every situation, riding jackets are the way to go. Bionic jackets are generally used under a racing suit, where they do provide the level of protection that is required. But for normal day-to-day road usage, they aren’t that practical or safe. Check out our review of the Triton and Nero to see which jacket is the one for you.

RideZone recommends a riding jacket over bionic jacket anytime.

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