Two biker movies to watch this weekend – Motonomad 1 & 2



One fine day out of nowhere I got a message on the RiderZone Facebook page. I generally use that page just to regurgitate the vomit that is published on this website, but apparently it has more uses than one. Nachiketha Someswara recommended I watch the Motonomad movies. I had never seen either one of them, or even heard about them, so I said sure, what the hell.

Thanks man, that was fun.

Motonomad 1 and 2 are documentary style movies made by an Aussie called Adam Riemann, who has some unique talents with both bikes and cameras. On top of that, he is a fucking nutjob who doesn’t care for anything and does what he wants to do. It certainly helps that he is a one lucky guy, but I don’t think he’d agree with that, or care for it.

I watched both the movies one after the other, and clearly Motonomad 2 is a better package. You can tell in the first part that the artist is still getting used to his powers, and it’s in the second part that you really see what he is capable of. That does not mean the 1st one is bad, but some of the elements that were in the second one clearly make it better.

And the biggest one of them is M3.

In Motonomad, it’s just Adam and Mark Portbury, an equally crazy friend of his on KTM 500 EXCs, trundling along wherever they feel like. In Motonomad 2, it’s Adam, one giant ex-military dude with arms bigger than my waist, and M3, a fat and old biker whose prime days of motorcycling are far behind him.

At many times in the movie, especially in the beginning, I thought Hein wasn’t going to make it. The fact that Adam on M1 and Scott on M2 mostly left M3 behind in the middle of nowhere, only to go back and find him crashed yet again into something, didn’t help much at all.

But fucking hell that guy can take a beating.

If I was in his situation, I would probably have jumped off some cliff somewhere and ended the agony. Throughout most the movie, Hein is in pain, either crashed quite recently, or about to. Neither Adam nor Scott make life easy for him, they push him and each other every chance they get. Also, it just so happens that M3 is the most heavily loaded bike of the 3. Hats off to you Mr. Hein Schwartz, you have some balls and I respect them.

Highly recommended watch, especially for off-road junkies and people who like adventure travel. Below are the trailers for both, and here are the links to buy both, each is some 18 dollars, roughly 1300 bucks. Money well spent.

Buy Motonomad here.

Buy Motonomad 2 here.

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    Since I am always broke.. I decided to be my “free loader self “downloaded the HD rip of the internet ! Its available as a torrent, & motology is the shit m/

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      The shit indeed.

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    im in love with the belly dancer