5 biker movies to enjoy this weekend!



It took me a while to suggest 5 more biker movies since the last time I did that. I saw plenty in that duration, but none of them really clicked. I especially tried to find something worth a watch related to the Dakar rally, but no luck yet. If you know of something, tell me.

The 5 films that I have for you today are probably the best of the best. It’s a mixed bunch though, with one movie about both 2-wheelers and 4, while one movie has nothing to do with motorcycles, but nevertheless a must watch for anyone who understands and respects motorsports. 

1. Road:

I haven’t cried in ages, decades, and this was the only movie that got me really close. One of the most emotionally charged movies you’ll ever see. Watch it alone, unless you want to cry your manly heart out in front of your friends, who’ll most likely be crying too.

Here’s a trailer, which doesn’t do justice to the film at all. It’s one of the best motorsports movie made, EVER.


2. Senna:

Probably the best F1 movie in history, Senna is all about passion and how it can kill you. Even if you are not into cars, you will connect with this film, I guarantee that. Check out this trailer below, and then get the full movie. Thank me later.

3. Dust to Glory:

The only rally-focused movie that made sense to me. Dust to Glory provides a perspective into the lives of the most insane people on this planet, and what they do in the name of “fun”. The trailer is below, and you can see the whole movie here, although with some weird subtitles.

4. Faster:

Where it all began, where the madness started. Faster is one of the oldest MotoGP movies made, and a rather interesting one. Narrated by Ewan McGregor, it captures a completely different era of premiere motorcycle racing. You can watch the whole thing right here.

5. The Unrideables 2:

Sequel to The Unrideables, a movie about the times when some clinically suicidal people used to race on 500cc 2-stroke machines. No need to download anything, get some popcorn and click below.


6. Hitting The Apex:

Just watch it?

Know some more? Comment.

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  1. Shivani Shankar

    I saw hitting the apex after you mentioned it a couple of days ago. Really a nice movie. Thanks for the new list.

    1. AK

      Enjoy man, all sexy movies here.

  2. Alphaalfa

    I remember suggesting you Senna when you posted your first list and I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for the list,would recommend watching Torque,a classic IMO.

    1. AK

      Thanks mate! Torque is a hilarious movie, especially that ending sequence 🙂

  3. Xander

    Thanks Akhil for this awesome list. Will try to cover them over this month.

    Btw, Do check out the movie Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi… It’s the only Indian biker movie I have watched so far (Nah.. Dhoom doesn’t count :p) It may have helped that I am a native speaker of malayalam, but I felt it was really damn good and captured the POV of a biker from various angles. Here is a link for one with subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32oOlaENKfU

    1. AK

      Will do!