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Biker Comics! Genie and his 3 wishes

I’ve been trying to create comics, sketches, cartoons since quite a while now. I have far too many ideas that need to be downloaded from my brain, otherwise it’s gonna fucking fry my CPU. I tried sketching on my Note 2, on my Tab 2, BitStrips, Photoshop and whatnot, a lot of friends helped me out on Facebook with suggestions, but unfortunately none of them worked for me. Finally it was time to relive the memories of childhood and finally use the one item from where it all began. 

Microsoft Paint.

I remember the first time I got to see a PC. It was in the computer science lab at my school. I must’ve been what in 5th standard? 4 or 5 of us bastards used to get assigned to one little desktop, where we played Road Rash, Pinball, Spider Solitaire, and drew in MS Paint. It used be the most epic 30 minutes of my day.

So here I’m, after completing school, 4 years of college, 4 years of job, and finally doing the same shit all over again. Behold my first biker comic, inspired heavily by Cyanide & Happiness. Cheers!

Yes, I suck at drawing.

10 thoughts on “Biker Comics! Genie and his 3 wishes”

  1. Hahaha, but if I really got a genie (yes, it’s a stretch) I’d put my first wish as each wish of mine spawned a new wish ( i.e, unlimited wishes ! ). Doesn’t make for a great comic strip, but practical , eh?

    OT : I really like that ass, and I wish it were my hands caressing that ass, but you know some of us just happen to visit your blog from , er, public/professional spaces and that tasty bum could lead to getting some unpleasant meeting with HR, you get the drift , hmm ?

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