Ladakh trip best plan – Short version.



Read this article for the detailed version. You can take a print out of the short version to carry along with you on the ride. This, according to me, is the best plan for a standard Ladakh trip, that includes Manali-Leh section, Nubra Valley, Pangong lake and Srinagar-Jammu section. If you feel something needs to be added or modified, do let me know in the comments. Do go through BCMTouring’s extensive list of articles for a better understanding of what you should expect on this ride, and how to best prepare for it. 

Ladakh trip - Pangong Lake

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  1. Snehal

    I need your advice on whether I should change my 390’s tyres to hard compounds with deeper treads for the ride from Manali to Leh. I am just a bit worried how the softer compounds will hold up against sharp rocks and wet mud.

    1. AK

      Absolutely Snehal. Even deep treads start fishtailing there, Metzelers would simply go bonkers! Change them for sure.

    2. Rahul

      What tyres you recommend for this trip? Also one more question regarding fueling ? As you mentioned that there are no petrol pumps during most of this trip, and given the fact that the Duke 390 goes a max of 220-230 on a full tank, what measures you took to carry fuel or fueling up? If you can explain in detail it will be great. Thanks.

      1. AK

        Any high profile 120-140 section tires would be good Rahul. A friend of mine used Ralco 120 at rear and the 100 at front for his recent Spiti ride, and it worked well. My personal suggestion would be to go for Michelins, they are the best!
        If I was doing the ride solo, I would carry 2 10 liter jerry cans of fuel. Yes it would be very bulky, but a saddlebag + tailbag + tank bag combo can take it all. If I was traveling with others, things would be a little easier as the petrol can be distributed. In any case, carry a fuel pipe, which can be used to pull petrol out of someone’s tank as a last resort.

      2. Snehal

        I finished my Ladakh ride a month or so back and I’d used the stock Metzelers. Needless to say, I struggled in the gravel sections. I *really* regret not putting on some treaded rubber especially since I am not a very good off-roader. The tyre shops in my town were not very helpful in helping me understand what tyres would fit on my bike so you should take the advice given by Akhil.

        Regarding fuel, I’d carried 10+5 L jerry-cans in my Rynox Nomad saddlebags. Between Tandi and Leh, I used only around 5L of extra fuel. Leh to Sarchu was done on a tank-full of fuel. Your mileage will vary so I’d suggest around 10 L as a safeguard.

        On a side-note. Make sure your jerry-cans are sealed absolutely air-tight. I had fuel leaking inside my saddle-bags because one of the can’s cap didn’t have the rubber sealing thingie. Trying to seal that will some polythene doesn’t work.

        ( Sorry for the rather long reply 🙂 )

        1. AK

          Well Snehal, you’ll remember the trip due to those Metz tires! An easy trip is easily forgotten 🙂

  2. karan

    what’s the cost for staying in tents along the way?

    1. AK

      Not much at all. Tents along the Manali-Leh highway cost between 150-500 bucks a night. We got the tent at Pangong for 600 bucks, others are available from 500 to 2000. Tents at Hunder are a bit costlier (3000-5000 a night), but then they are also quite luxurious, and you always have the choice to go back and stay at Diskit.

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