Bajaj Avenger 2014

Bajaj Avenger: Company to launch all new Cruiser Bike soon

Yesterday, we brought you the news that Bajaj has decided to mix it up a bit and launch the Pulsar 200NS in 4 new colors. Today we bring you more news from the Indian Bike giant, this time concerning its bigger but less popular brother, The Avenger.

Bajaj has officially announced that they will be a showcasing a concept version of a cruiser bike, which they have been working on at the AUTO EXPO in Noida Feb’2014. This would be Bajaj’s latest attempt into the cruiser sector of biking, following into the footsteps of Avenger.

Bajaj Avenger 220: Red Variant
The Red Variant of the currently available Avenger 220

The Avenger 220 is a 4-stroke, single cylinder, DTS-i, oil-cooled bike. Its max-torque is 17.5 @ 7000 while max power clocks at 19.03 @ 8400. Currently you can buy the Avenger at the ex-showroom price of Rs. 79,062 in Mumbai and Rs. 79,478 in Delhi. The Avenger 220 launched in July 2012, serves as the cheapest available option in the cruise biking section of India today. Intially unchallenged, it now faces stiff competition from more renowned cruise biking brands like Harley and Royal Enfield.

Bajaj have clearly stated that this new concept will not be an updated Avenger. Instead, it will be a complete new franchise for Bajaj, even the aesthetics of the Avenger might be ditched for something brand new. Its unclear if the new bike, when release will replace the Avenger or if it will be sold alongside it. We haven’t got a look at the concept, even on paper so we guess we would have to wait till the Auto Expo 2014.

The Up Side:

Ever since Pulsar became the poster child for Bajaj, they have seldom paid attention to the Avenger and the cruiser bike section in general. However, with Royal Enfield revived, and Harley Davidson functional with almost 12 stores in India (more on that here), Bajaj might finally decide to up the ante. Knowing Bajaj, their latest entry into the cruiser bike section will be entry level, and would attract cruiser bike enthusiasts who don’t want to break their child’s college fund to buy a bike. This does not mean it would be a bad bike, if anything Bajaj products are reliable, and we at RiderZone swear by our Pulsars till the cows come home.

The Down Side:

Unfortunately, Bajaj does not intend the bike any time soon. When asked when they intend to release the new beast, they gave a ball park figure of around 2 years. So, if you start from the Auto Expo in 2014, we can expect the publicity to start somewhere mid 2016. We at riderZone think that this might be a little too late, and by that time Royal Enfield, Harley and even Triumph might be sitting over most of the Indian market. This could reduce Bajaj’s latest offering to a fate similar to Karizma (an awesome bike overshadowed for most part by Pulsar), and given Bajaj’s tendency to ignore their not so successful projects, we just might have another Avenger on our hand.

What do you think? Is launching a new cruiser bike into the market this late a good idea by Bajaj. Should the Avenger be discontinued, or should it be given a new lease of life, not unlike the Pulsar brand? Sound off in the comments.

UPDATE: Bajaj has finally displayed the Pulsar 400CS, which has taken everyone by surprise. It isn’t a new Avenger, or a cheap Duke 390. Check out this post for more details.

UPDATE 2: Well, this sucks, but looks like 400CS will just remain something to jack-off to, until 2015 at least. No word from Bajaj about launching this bike, and no test mules have been seen either. Bajaj is making us wait too long! 

35 thoughts on “Bajaj Avenger: Company to launch all new Cruiser Bike soon”

  1. They should launch the new cruiser model as soon as possible because the cruiser market in India is growing rapidly and I am myself going to take a cruiser bike soon

    1. We hope that happens soon Adnan. There are a lot of options in the premium curiser department, but the sub 250cc is where there is nothing except the Avenger. Hope that changes soon!

  2. They better speed up. Of course , they are price warriors & that will work in their favour. Another cruiser expecte very soon is ……….. Hyusung GV 250. If in case this is prices low than Bajaj will have to forget it’s new cruiser. 🙁

  3. the earlier the better for introduction to this market.People are looking for low cost alternative to HD and expecting an engine capacity of about 500cc and price tag of not more than 2Lakh keeping HD features of styling.
    And it is POSSIBLE for Bajaj as I owned an Avenger-its cruiser styling is much better than Enfield and has something in common with HD.

    1. I really doubt a 500cc cruiser will be below 2 lacs. Having said that, something around 2.4 is a really decent and possible figure.
      I have never been a big fan of Royal Enfields, not that much of the Avenger either. But then again they both are one of a kind. Let’s hope something awesome comes our way soon!

  4. Best information on this site about the bajaj..I really liked that great information..I really impressed to read all this great information about the bajaj bikes..thanks for sharing all this great information..

  5. I am planning for a new bike and was inquiring abut Avenger as it fits to my budget..but i came to know Bajaj is planning for new cruiser I’ve changed my mind and shift to TB 350 and booked and now M waiting since itz long…I am still looking for possible option..Is there any new cruiser in the line within a period of 4 months at range of 1.5 ???

    1. No KS, doesn’t look like that. The Bajaj Pulsar 400CS may not have the comfort of the Avenger or the Thunderbird, although it will be much quicker than both. However, it won’t go for sale at least till last quarter of 2014, which is also just speculation.
      Hyosung Aquila 250 cruiser has been launched, but it costs about twice of your budget. I would suggest you stick with the Thunderbird booking, and buy some second hand Avenger in the meantime, because the Thunderbird will take around 6 months for delivery (as far as I’ve heard).
      Hope this helps!

    2. KS , suggest you try TB 500 too. 350 looks under powered once you ride a 500 TB. Check up Avenger ride as well.

      Thing I would like to point out –

      Avenger saddle height – 710 mm – weight – approx 160 kgs
      TB 350 saddle height – 800 mm – weight – approx 195 kgs.

      City ride – especially heavy traffic – TB will be a torture. Avenger will be fun. ( This will really hold true if your height is under 5 ft 6 inches.)

      Long touring – TB 500 will be fun as this extra weight give secure handling & stability. Vibrations felt after 95 – 100 kmph. While Avenger – vibrations after 85 – 90 kmph.

      1. Hi, thank you both for the valuable information. FYI my height is 5,5-6, daily distance cover approx 40km and m 38yrs old. I was basically looking for bike that can cruse at the speed of 80-100 kmph, Comfortable & relay-able. I really like Duke 200 but pillion seat is very-very narrow..and everything else fall short of my budget. that’s y i said was looking for alternative for TB 350..

        1. Unfortunately my friend, there isn’t any alternative to the TB 350 in that price range. Looks like you’re gonna have to wait a while.

          1. I have, like most others, very limited info about UM. It is a US based company. Their bikes look a lot like Royal Enfields to me. Their products are expected to be launched quite soon.
            I don’t think it will be a good decision to go for a UM bike right now. They won’t have a lot of service centers, their reliability in Indian conditions is yet to be tested, and they won’t be cheaper than Bajaj or RE for sure.

  6. UM is not a very old company – may be 10 – 15 years old. Likely to come to India in 200 – 250 cc segment. The minor details suggest that they may not be any superior to Bajaj or RE. ( Quality or price.)

    Suggest forget that for the moment. If anything , it may emerge as a force only after 3 – 5 years. That to iffy.

  7. I have a Avenger 200 – 5 – 6 yers old. approx 25000 Km run. Running smoothly. No problems.

    Is there any point / advantage in shifting to new 220 cc?

    1. Hey Deep…..i have an avenger 180cc…its a 2004 model and still running like a dream…..i get 45 kms in city and a little more on the highway…i have done 80000 kms…..i make regular trips from mumbai to pune and goa….the engine heats up a bit so I take a few more stops…..but otherwise bike running super…..would not exchange it for a 200 or a 220……advise you to stick to your old bike…..the newer bikes dont have the same durability ………..

  8. I think they need to focus and get the crusier asap…there are other companies like um motors also going to flood the indian market with its cruiser brand…

  9. Read some of the comments and don’t really know why is there no options for cruise styled bikes besides the avenger and TB….. I have been following the market since a decade and only these two brands are there within the budget of under 80k and 2 lakhs OR else one has to go for the new brands which cost a bomb. I don’t understand that with such huge R&D in the auto segment how come none of the bike brands are willing to enter the foray of cruise bikes. Just cannot fathom if someone says it doesn’t have a market. I am definitely sure there is a huge market and that’s where I really need a credible source of market survey to define this. I hope that this delay of getting a concept version is worth the wait. But truly I am waiting for an Avenger with a bigger saddle height say around 950mm for myself.

  10. Finally a Post on the Avenger, been riding one from the Eliminator days, an extremely reliable, versatile & slightly underpowered bike in the small capacity cruiser & yes it doesn’t have the typical crusier firing nor is it comfortable for the Pillion, but hell, Crusiers are meant to be enjoyed alone.
    Bajaj and for that matter other Indian Manufacturers (Apart from RE) seriously need to look at this segment, there are still quite a bit of Biking manaics like us Who enjoy Lazy riding, on long Winding roads, with nowhere to Go.
    I have been riding a RE TBird 350, but she’s no where as enjoyable as an Avenger.

    1. True Anoop, cruisers are a very ignored section in the Indian biking scene, especially if priced under 2 lacs. Hope someone does something about it soon!

  11. Cruisers do look cool. I drove an Avenger once for 60 kms, most of it in city but still there were open long roads available. I felt and i could be wrong for i haven’t ridden it extensively. First impression : Comfortable to sit. Second: Managing city traffic well. Third : Engine gets strained at around 80km/hr. Fourth: Shoulders feel awkward and hurt after around 40km on stretch. I hope the new cruiser gives more power and comfort .

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