Arnob Gupta does Kashmir to Kanyakumari in 78 hours!



Modified CBR250There are good riders, then there are great riders, and then there are holy-mother-of-batman-banana riders. Arnob Gupta is one of them, and a proud one at that. When we went to Ladakh, it took us 36 hours of hard labor to complete just the Leh-Manali section, and we thought we were quick!

He is the guy who completed the 6000km Golden Quadrilateral run in under 93 hours, shaving off more than 7 hours off the previous record. That got him a place in the Limca book of records. BUT, that wasn’t enough!

After three attempts to complete the Kashmir to Kanyakumari (K2K) ride in record time, he finally achieved his dream. When we say 3 attempts, we mean 3 failed attempts that involved falling off a cliff. Talk about balls of steel.

Arnob GuptaA dentist by profession, he is passionately called the Flying Doctor, and for good reason. Arnob Gupta completed the 3850km run in less than 78 hours, with only 16 hours of sleep! Just imagine what this trip entails, travelling from around 18,000 feet to sea level and temperatures ranging from around 0 to 40 degree Celsius. It is a testimony to his physical and mental toughness.

Also deserves a mention is the customized CBR250 that he did this memorable journey on. He slapped on an extra fuel tank to added range, plus a bigger visor to protect against wind blast. The visor also added as a spot to add in a high power headlight, which was essential for his night rides. A GPS unit was also added to the setup. The whole thing looks like a backyard contraption made with years of love.

We congratulate Arnob on this fabulous achievement, as mad as it may be! He is going to write a full-scale review of his ride, but for the time being, read the short story here. All images courtesy of 

Modified CBR250

GPS on CBR250

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    we r ready to break the record

    1. AK

      Good luck mate!