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6 upcoming bikes that you can’t miss!

The Auto Expo 2014 gave us a glimpse of the upcoming bikes in India, it’s the best time to be a rider here! Every brand, from icons like Harley Davidson to newbies like Terra Motors are fighting for a chance to serve us. The good news is that it is going to get even better in future! Below is a list of 6 upcoming bikes, to be launched in 2014 or 2015, that you simply can’t afford to miss.

1. Upcoming bikes in India: Honda CBR650F:

As I said in my last post, Honda CBR650F is a huge impetus for the Indian biking industry. It will be the largest capacity motorcycle made by Honda in India, and it is expected to be the cheapest 4 cylinder bike too. Since the bike will be exported to other countries, build quality and price should be the best for us. Below are some of the features of Honda CBR650F. 

  1.  649cc inline four DOHC engine
  2. 87hp at 11,000RPM, 63Nm at 8000RPM
  3. 6 speed manual trasmission
  4. 21 kmpl fuel efficiency
  5. Fuel injection
  6. 17.3 L fuel tank
  7. 211 kg weight
  8. Adjustable rear monoshock
  9. 120 front and 180 rear tire
  10. 320mm and 250mm single discs, front and rear
  11. Clock in instrument cluster

Honda CBR650F looks like the perfect blend of speed and comfort to me, and might be a tourer’s delight. It is one of the upcoming bikes that I am eagerly waiting for!

UPDATE: Still now word on when this bike will be launched. Honda is doing things frustratingly slow.

2. Upcoming bikes in India: Bajaj Pulsar 400CS

Bajaj Pulsar 400CS has been a revelation and a complete surprise. We heard a lot of rumors about Bajaj launching a successor to the Bajaj Avenger, but what we got in the end is something totally out of this world. Bajaj played the clever game here, while the fairing-loving Indians were kept fixated by the Pulsar 200SS (mistaken Pulsar 400SS), the Pulsar 400CS went completely under the radar.

Gearheads generally agree that CS stands for Cruiser Sport. The Pulsar 400CS looks like Bajaj’s take on the mighty Ducati Diavel, and on the new Power Cruiser segment as a whole. The front biased rake angle is the first giveaway. The muscular styling and generally stubby look add onto that fact.

The bike is expected to be launched somewhere near the end of 2014, at around 1.6 lacs. Here are some of the speculated features of the bike:

  1. 375cc single cylinder engine (from KTM Duke 390)
  2. 44 hp and 35 Nm of torque
  3. Oil cooling
  4. Fuel injection
  5. ABS standard
  6. 180 kmph top speed
  7. Metzeler tires (same as Duke 390)

The instrument console has to be the stand-out feature of the bike. The front console only shows RPM, trip, time and fuel. The speed and gear shift indicator are located on the fuel tank, just next to the filler cap. Not sure how practical it will be, since you will have to look all the way down to know what speed you are at, but it looks different for sure. Hope Bajaj launches it as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Looks like 400CS would only be launched in late 2015.

3. Upcoming bikes in India: Hero HX250R

This is one of the upcoming bikes that could change the fortunes of Hero Moto Corp. for good. Unveiled just before the Auto Expo and displayed there too, the HX250R has been a delight to all bike lovers, especially the ones who hated Hero for ruining the Karizma.

Developed in collaboration with Eric Buell Racing, the Hero HX250R looks unlike any Hero machine you have ever seen. Take a look below for some of the exciting features of this machine:

  1. 249cc single cylinder, all aluminium, DOHC engine
  2. 31 hp
  3. 139 kgs weight
  4. Under seat exhaust
  5. Fuel injection
  6. Liquid cooling
  7. 6 speed transmission
  8. 0-60 kmph in 3 seconds
  9. Combi brakes
  10. 5 step adjustable rear monoshock
  11. ABS optional
  12. 110 front and 140 rear tire
  13. 12.9 liters fuel capacity
  14. 300mm front, 220mm rear brake

Hero have definitely pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this one, and just look at that weight! 139 kgs for a full-faired bike is just crazy. Apart from the weird looking exhaust, everything else looks great.

Power to weight ratio will be stupendous, which will help a great deal in making it quick off the blocks. The huge front wind shield should really help on those high speed tours. Expected to be launched at around 1.5 lacs for the non-ABS version, this is going to be one popular bike.

UPDATE: Rumors suggest HX 250R may be launched in November 2014!

4. Upcoming bikes in India: Pulsar 400SS

Here’s another surprise from Bajaj. The bike everybody thought was a puny Pulsar 200SS, turns out to be an alien looking 400SS. With the same engine as a Duke 390, projectors and ABS, it should be sell like hot cakes as soon as it is launched.

The good thing about the Pulsar 400SS is that it isn’t just a faired version of the Pulsar 400CS, the whole thing has been built from ground up. Another good thing is that it looks totally different from the soon-to-be-launched KTM RC390, and won’t look like just a cheap sister of the Austrian machine.

We hope the bike will be launched sometime before 2014 ends. Here are some of the specifications of the bike:

  1. 375cc single cylinder engine
  2. Liquid cooling
  3. 44 hp power, 35 Nm torque
  4. ABS standard
  5. Metzeler tires
  6. Dual projector headlights
  7. Daytime running lights
  8. Fuel injection

The Pulsar 400SS will be a nice step up for the people accustomed to 250cc bikes. It will hopefully be launched somewhere below the 2 lacs mark, and should be another addition to the reliable line of Pulsars serving us from 14 years.

UPDATE: Much like the 400CS, 400SS looks like a 2015 machine. A lot of test mules have been spotted, but no official word on the real thing.

5. Upcoming bikes in India: Hero Hastur

This is the only one in the list of upcoming bikes in this article that has a 50-50 chance of being launched. Hero Hastur looks menacing, too good for production. I really hope Hero grows a pair and launches this beauty, but who knows what goes on in the minds of Pawan Munjal and party.

The Hero Hastur has a significant amount of input from Eric Buell Racing, which I don’t really mind. The super short wheelbase, stubby looks and dual projectors make it look like an oversized bee on 2 wheels. Not as futuristic looking as the Kawasaki Z1000, the Hastur has a charm of its own. Here are some of the expected features of this machine, if it is ever launched:

  1. 620cc parallel twin engine
  2. Liquid cooling
  3. 2-to-1 underbelly exhaust
  4. Dual projector headlights
  5. 70 hp, 60 Nm torque
  6. 180 kgs weight
  7. 200 kmph top speed

The Hero Hastur will primarily be a city ripper, with touring restricted by the high speed wind blast and lack of luggage space. Even the pillion is going to have a hard time keeping his ass to the seat. But who cares for all that! What I want is a rider-focused bike, 600+ ccs and an Indian manufacturer. Expected price is somewhere around 4.7 lacs, but only time will tell.

UPDATE: As much as we would like to see this bike, there are very little chances that Hero will actually put this into production. 

6. Upcoming bikes in India: Honda CBR500R

Here’s another entry from Honda that is going to ruffle some feathers. The Honda CBR500R, built with heavy influence from the CBR600RR, is going to be once quick machine. It definitely doesn’t look as classy and raw as its 600 cc sister, but I am sure it will be every bit as quick.

A half-liter, fully-faired Honda priced at a bargain is going to be a huge hit. We Indians are suckers for fully-clad bikes, so the CBR500R ticks all the right boxes in the looks department. It will be no slouch either, with the 471 cc parallel twin engine giving it enough grunt to kill you quick. Below are some of the features of this machine:

  1. 471 cc parallel twin engine
  2. 47 hp, 43 Nm torque
  3. 320 mm front, 240 mm rear disc
  4. Optional C-ABS
  5. 120 rubber front, 160 rear
  6. 193 kgs weight

Yes the bike tips the scales at a tad heavy, but with the amount of pulling power at your disposal, you will hardly notice it. Top speeds of around 190 kmph should be easy to reach, with the wind shield protecting your head from the blast. Expected to be priced around 4.3-4.8 lacs, with the launch in mid 2014, the Honda CBR500R is going to make a huge impact on our industry.

UPDATE: Like the CBR650F, The 500R has also been delayed in India, no fucking idea why.

So here it is! A collection of 6 upcoming bikes that have really got me excited. If you have an addition to make, let me know in the comments. And pray with me that we see all of these beauties soon, and at obscenely cheap rates 🙂

Images from MotorBeam.com, Indiacarsbikes.in, Motoroids.com, Xbhp.com and BCMtouring.com.

130 thoughts on “6 upcoming bikes that you can’t miss!”

  1. dude, I am on the verge of buying ktm duke 390 .. do you think I should wait for hero hx 250r/ pulsar 400ss?

    1. Hey akhil.. I m planning to get a cruiser. I m 5.8″ n weigh 80kgs. Should i wait for the new cruiser which is supposed to be launched by bajaj in first quarter of 2015?

  2. Heyy…I’m planning to buy avenger 220…I’m 6’1 tall n slim built..can you please advise as to something better..Thanks!

      1. I’m not a fan of REs either…and Duke is more of a sports bike…so probably would go for avenger..Thanks for the help mate!

      2. U say Apache ohkkk!!!BT there is a fzs version2, also bro!!someone say apache produce vibration after 80 and tell me bro what is the abs disc!!is it differ if yes then why!!

      3. Hi Akhil, Still a bit confused…shall i wait for the new bajaj cruiser to launch or go ahead with avenger…Also would avenger be comfortable for 6’1 lanky guy like me?..(my budget arnd 1.5 lakhs)

  3. Hey akhill plzz tell one thing I Ana CLG student I am in confused wt to buy r15 or royal Enfield 350!! Plzz tell everyone say buy royal because there is a good back space fr sitting !!pllzz tell I am in confuse

    1. But yaa there is not a big space fr someone other who is sit at back!!on r15 and tell me one more thing tb has high cc.so why it has low top speed!!plzz wet to do my mother say I can’t fit on r15 I m so much confuse wet to choose!!everyone makes so much bhokal on cllg!!wet to chose !!big PR LM is space PR LM!!

    2. Which bike is better Honda cbr150 or r15 v2…wt is the speed and popularity,cost and average ..is abs brake available!!plzz tell

  4. I want best bike under 1 lakh. Suggest me which is best. I am 5.11 height. Everyday I go about 40-50 km. Fuel economy is 40 OK for me.

  5. Well as I have landed anyhow in this site so let me take some suggestion also. I m 5’11 and weigh around 80 kg, planning to buy RE thunder-bird350 but you mentioned in a comment below that thunder bird has some issue, 1) can you clarify what kind of issue may be faced? and 2) either I will go for thunder bird or a bike form 150cc segment, what you say which bike would be good for me considering my height, weight and off course millege??


    1. Thanks for the quick response, as I don’t like Avenger very much and you mentioned the issues with Thunder bird, so If I have to choose any other bike in 150cc then according to you which bike(150cc) will the first choice.

  6. Hi Akhil,

    A very Happy New Year

    I am big fan of yours. I read almost all Your blogs. The way You are promoting this web-site, i am sure in coming years it will be top rated.
    This is the first time i am writing on internet. I am having great passion for bikes but unfortunately, i don’t have any. From last ten Years i am driving car, well before that i was having Machismo (RE) and before that KB100. I was about to buy TB350 but after reading Your blog ‘Six reasons……..’ i realized that how fool i am, after experiencing RE, i was going to repeat the same mistake. Most of the comments, from RE fans, were not logical but non the less it was really entertaining. I learned a lot not only about bikes but also about human behavior.

    After reading Your blogs, i want buy Duke 390/Duke 200 but both are not in my budget, But after having test ride of these bikes, i became core fan of these bikes….budget is the constraint. I want to keep bike for day to day nearby work and definitely, once (or may be twice) in a month wants to take it on highway for long drive i.e. from Delhi to Vrindavaan (approximately 210 KMs) and if i get chance of my life definitely Ladakh. I had test drives of many bikes but it was of few meters, i hardly understand the performance of any bike. Looking at the features best so far is 200ns but again i have to compromise on FI and ABS then again 200SS is upcoming, what You suggest about the 200SS. My budget is around 1 Lakh. some-one also told me that 200ns vibrates at high speed (above-100) and not at all stable. Kindly, suggest a good bike (under 1 Lakh), with features of atleast 200ns. I can’t wait anymore but if in coming 1 to 2 months, if some good bike coming in this budget, i can wait also.

    And kindly let me know the reviews of 200ns as i read a lot on internet but want to know Your views for the same.

    Warm regards


        1. According to manual the initial speed limit should be 50 km/hour till 2000 km. it is very irritating, what are the advantages of initial speed-limit, can it be avoided, requires lot of patience to be that slow.

          1. I never care about speed limit. All I try to do in run-in is not rip the bike, to be as smooth as possible. It has worked out brilliantly for me!

  7. Hi,
    Do you have any idea when is the Pulsar 400SS gonna be launched ?
    N what fuel economy would it provide ?
    Be as precise as possible with the data 🙂

    1. No idea mate! It could launch tomorrow, or after 6 months, we’ll know for sure only when it’s done.

      Fuel economy would be 28-33 kmpl.

  8. Hi Akhil , need your advice on buying new bike . I am 5.10 weighing 130 kg . I am a international powerlifter. I ride RE 500 CC DESERT STORM , But now i am looking for new bike budget upto 10 lakh. i am not a daily rider but on weekends long rides. waiting for your reply.

    1. Hey Vishal, you have a lot of choice in that budget. I’m assuming you are looking for cruiser bikes.

      In the Harley lineup you should definitely try the Street 750. Beautiful machine at an incredible price of under 5 lacs.

      Next up you have the Iron 883, Superlow and 48. I think you’ll like 48 🙂 Go to your nearest harley showroom and check them out.

      In the Triumph lineup you can look at the Bonnie, T100 and Thruxton, all good looking machines that have been successful all over the world.

      There are other options too like Hyosung ST7 and Aquila Pro, but I would recommend staying away from the Hyosung brand. Go to Harley and Triumph dealerships, test ride, and you’ll know what to buy 🙂

  9. I am 39 with 5’10!height….. I wanna go for Enfield Bullet….. Budget is not a problem. Kindly advice which is the best in all of those Beast.

  10. Hi Akhil , need your advice on buying new bike . I am 5.9 weighing 73 kg. I am looking for new bike budget upto 1.5 lakh. i am a daily rider of about 40 km but on weekends I go for long rides. waiting for your reply.

    1. Hey man, there are a bunch of options for you in that budget. Duke 200 is brilliant machine, fast and reliable. It’ll cost about 1.6 lakh though. Then you have the Apache RTR 180 ABS, which is quite cheap for the equipment you get. If you like sporty bikes CBR150R is there as well. If you can stretch your budget till 2 lac, Duke 390 is an amazing package!

      1. Dear sir, I’m planning to buy a bike under 1-1.5 lacs. My height is 5’10” and I need a bike for daily traveling. So it should be fuel efficient too ( above 45-50 kmpl). I was planning for royal enfield before but after reading your blog, I’m changing my plan. So please suggest me bike. I’ve few choices like as UM renegade commando (a new entry), Honda CBR150R,yamaha R15,KTM DUKE 200, APACHE 180ABS.
        SO please suggest me a best one..
        My mail id I’d santoshkuntal1985@gmail.com. I’m waiting for your reply.. Thanks

        1. Out of all these bikes, I would chose something between the Duke 200 or the Apache 180 ABS. Test drive both and then decide!

  11. for indian roads…bajaj bikes is best….if u want looks more n more power in sports segment than go for ducati or yamaha r1..and if u want to buy in a naked style..in my opinion harley davidson iron883 is best in all segments…in low segment pulsar 400cs is best.in about 600cc yamaha r6 is best…and at all its your decision what to buy..but throughout indian roads Pulsar is best.

  12. Hello there,
    I am a newbie to the world of geared two wheelers so I hope you could helpout me with your expertise.
    I am 6 feet tall and weigh 120kg. I used to be involved with body building but as of now I am a fat fuck after a 2 year gap but still have basic built left, But I am a huge dude.
    I have no idea as in which bike will suit a person like me.
    I have budget constraints limiting to under 90k.
    So could you please help me out finding the best bike in terms of framesize and performance suiting a person like me as described.
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Hii I’m praveen I’m looking for a new bike at a price range of 2.5 lakh
    I’m looking for a sports bike
    I’m 6″.2 and weighing 85kg
    Quality matters
    So could you please help me out finding the best bike in terms of framesize and performance

    1. Hey Praveen, the only option I see in that price range for you is a second hand Hyosung GT250. You can also take a look at the CBR250R, but that bike is dated and bound to be replaced soon.

  14. Hello im looking for a bike in 1.50lakh for stunts & I like drive in very fast I think can Pulsar 200 SS is good option…..?

  15. Hi Akhil,
    I am thinking of purchasing a 200 cc bike.
    I v shortlisted the duke 200 and pulsar 200 ss(yet to be released). Which of these would you suggest?
    Please share your opinion.

    Thank you!

  16. Avenger 390 ??

    Since the duke’s engine is geared tall, why not a cruiser with that engine. I really wish something like that gets launched. Would be a boon for the newly born tourers like me.

  17. hey akhil.. i am 6 feet guy and a new rider gust learning.can you please sugest is gixer sf a good bike for me.and i need the bike for daily purpose ride. as well as a long trip here and there

    1. I think the SF would be a bit small for a 6 foot guy! It’s a nice bike and great for daily rides and the occasional long trip. Why don’t you go and test ride it? That should help.

  18. hi akhil am riding thunder bird RE now i want to update it my budget around 1-2L for city drive my options CS400,CBR-250,DUKE390-200,RE CLASIC please help me to ride a good wheels

    1. Duke 390 makes the most sense in my opinion! The best idea is always to take a test ride and decide for yourself.

  19. hello i want to buy bike max range 6lac Benelli BN 600 GT? Compared to CB650F? Any point in waiting more time? what about benelli resale also???

    1. CB650F hasn’t made it to India yet, so can’t say anything about it! Initial reviews of the Benelli 600GT are OK-ish, nothing special. Never buy the first lot of any bike anyways, they are full of problems. I don’t think resale of Benellis would be anywhere close to the Kawasakis, but still not bad.

  20. I’m 5’8″ and of thin build. I’m looking for an all purpose bike which is good for long rides as well (not as long as typical tours, around 300-500 km). My budget is around 2 lacs, and if any exceptional machine is available beyond that range, I could even go for EMIs.
    Any suggestions?

    1. I will agree with Akhil. I have just bought it and clocked only about 600 kms. But I can see it’s a great machine. Its only serious negative for long rides would be its small tank size. The 2015 Duke is a much improved machine. Make sure they give you the current year model and not anything from the unsold stock of 2014. From the VIN it is possible to work out the exact month and year of manufacture.

    2. Gracias amigos!
      I’ll surely consider the duke, unless of course my budget changes drastically!

  21. Hey my height is 5’4. I want to buy a bike below 2lacs. Which one will be best rs200,400cs of pulsar, cbr250 or royal Enfield thunderbird 350 or 500cc.plss suggest

    1. Go for the Duke 390. It’ll cost some 15k more than what your budget is, but better than everything else put together. You will face trouble in the height department though, but that’ll be an issue in all of these bikes. If you want height of the saddle to not be an issue, go for the Bajaj Avenger.

    1. For a guy of your height, I would suggest the CBR250R. It’s slightly costlier than 2 lacs, but still a good buy. You could check out the Duke 200 and 390 too, but I think you’ll be a bit big for them both.

      1. Hi Akhil, what are your thoughts on switching from Activa to Enfield or KTM Duke. I do not have prior motorbike riding experience. I will have to start from scratch.

  22. Hai .. I am 5’11” and Planning to buy a bike under 1.5 Lacs. I travel a lot within the city on daily basis and CBR150R , Classic 350 or which one suits me… or which one you suggest…Don’t suggest me duke….

  23. please suggest me between Pulsar RS 200 or Ktm Duke 200 or Yamaha R15 V 2.0

    which is best suitable for me?

    i m 5′ and 9″ tall

  24. My budget is 3.5lakhs.
    im 6’1.
    I’ve gone through many bikes RC and duke not comfortable for me.
    But CBR250R is really good .. but im not satisfied with that as its dated.
    So should i wait ? Can u suggest me something ? im not a fan of hyosyoung.

        1. That depends on your choice. They both have the same engine, but riding position is different. Test ride both and then you’ll know for sure.

  25. iam planning to buy new bike and my range is between 1L to 1.8L and it is not too older model and not commonly used in large in market…

  26. Hey Akhil,

    I’m planning to buy a 650cc bike mainly for daily se and outings on weekends. I’m 5,5″ tall. Im looking for performance and reliability, pls suggest which bike to buy.

    1. Based on your height, I wouldn’t recommend a 650, because most of them are over 200 kgs. What kind of bikes do you like? Cruisers generally have the least seat height.

  27. I am awaiting RTR200 4V ABS with Pirelli. Mostly for Urban commuting. My wait for Duke 200 to get ABS is coming to an end. Any idea on the RTR200. I test ride a bit. Engine sounded bit more. Just wondering …. can I trust TVS.

    1. I have also done the test drive on RTR 200, it was not good man. One of the worst bike at this time. TVS wants to sell the bike with BMW logo on it, not gonna work.

  28. Hii .. I planning 2 buy rtr 200 …. nd im 5.5″ …vl dat suits me …. nd Wbt ur opinion about dat bike …. if NT dat bike plz suggest me few bikes under 1.5lakh …..

    1. Small people generally look good on all bikes, except when getting on/off.

      Have you tried the Avenger? Should be easy.

      1. No bro … NT interested in avenger nd other lengthy bikes …. wts ur opinion abt rtr 200 … r else suggest me few other bikes

        1. Dont like the RTR much. Try Gixxer, or RS200. RTR 200 is a new bike, give it a few months to make sure manufacturing faults are taken care of.

  29. Hi there, I am planning to buy a bike. The question I have is ABS or non-ABS bike?

    P.S. I am a novice rider. I am looking at Apache and Hornet. Quick reply/suggestion appreciated.

    1. ABS is always better than non, especially for novice riders. Hornet doesn’t come with ABS as far as I know, only Apache and RS200.

  30. I am in big confusion to choose good bike for me either Honda CBR150 or Yamaha R15 v2 S. Currently I am owning Honda CB Shine 125. My Need is

    1. Daily usage – Office travel – 60 KM per day
    2. Comfort riding
    3. Usually takes long trip to native home – 250 KM
    4. Used to go for long drive trip with friends
    5. Expecting good performance

      1. Thanks for Quick reply. Can I wait till April 2017 as ABS will be mandatory in India by Govt.order. Please clarify me on this.

        1. When has a government thing ever happened on time? Don’t wait. ABS is obviously important, if that’s what you’re looking for, try the Pulsar 200RS, or the new Apache 200.

  31. I want good built quality…
    Daily usage 70km..
    Comfort ride…even more comfortable on pits too…
    Looking wise sport….
    Expecting good performance….
    Good service provider company…
    Budget 1.50 lacs…
    Which bike should i choose?

  32. Which bike is batter in below 1.6 lks please suggest me good bike …And I’m student I want little good millage bike …

    1. Get a Pulsar or something, second hand preferably. You are young, you will make mistakes, no point getting a new bike. Get the bike for 50k, save the rest of 1.1 lacs for future fun.

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