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6 interesting Indian bikers who are fun to follow

I’m not a social guy, I don’t like meeting people, and I especially hate phone calls. This means that most of my interaction with others happens online, and I love that. Although there are certain situations where there’s no alternative to talking face-to-face, most of the time internet is more than enough.

Here’s a list of some fascinating riders from India who I follow on social media for some inspiration, entertainment, or just to see what latest bucket of shit they’ve poured on themselves.

1. Harvarinder Singh

Probably one of the best portrait photographer in India, this guy has some insane skills with a camera. I’ve been following his work since a while now, and part of our communication is due to fact that we both own 390s.

From time to time he heads into the mountains and comes back with some incredible photos. I narrowly missed a chance to meet him once, but that’s OK, watching him online is good enough, for now.

You can check out his work here.

2. Sarath Shenoy

If there’s any guy who is a True Biker, in the literal sense of the word, Sarath is one. I like to think of myself as a motorcycle aficionado, but I can’t do what he does, ride everyday, day after day, till you start questioning if he’s even human or not.

He used to be an RE guy, but somehow has graduated to be the Mojo Wala Baba, and can be found slithering his way across the country and beyond, asking the same question: How is your cubical today?

I missed a chance to meet him as well, but that’s alright too. I’ve had actual phone calls from people asking me how they can get a job like his, and I have nothing to say to them. What he does might look glamorous from the outside, but it’s not something for everyone, certainly not me.

You can follow his insane life here.

3. Mayur Mahanta

One of the more popular bikers of India, and I mean famous, not infamous, Mayur is something I wish I was. I’ve worked with him for a few marketing projects, and I totally understand why his pictures regularly get a thousand likes.

He’s everything that a brand wants, skilled with a motorcycle, skilled with a camera, skilled with words, has a great fan-base, rides often, and most importantly, never pisses anybody off. Every “right” thing you can do as a biker, he does it. As the head of Assam Bikers, he has access to a bunch of people who companies have almost no other way to reach.

You can follow him here.

4. OggyF

Surprisingly, I’ve met this guy, and even more surprisingly, I met him at IBW, although I’m certain he’d have been highly disappointed with that encounter. My online personality is much more fun than the real one.

I’ve worked with him for marketing projects as well, and he stands somewhere between a complete cock like me, and a complete angel like Mayur. Most of his popular videos are montages of him flipping off stupid drivers, but he doesn’t go on involuntary rage sprees, sprinkling urine on anything and anyone that happens to be in range.

He happens to be the only Motovlogger I follow, all others are either too boring, too much of a pretty face, or Rahul Mazumder.

You can watch his videos here.

5. Anis Shaikh

Another one of those rare people I’ve met in real life, Anis is a real and complete tit, but as far as tits go, he’s a rather nice one.

After spending a night at his place in Pune, I felt old. His life seems to run solely on beer and cigarettes, he rides like a 17-year-old who just got a text that his bae is home alone, and one day he’s at Siachen, the next day he’s at Chennai. Of all the people I know of who are living the life, he seems to be the most alive.

And then there’s the Anis with a camera, give him one, throw in a car/bike, and you have some magazine level shit right there. He’s one of the best professional automotive photographers that I know of, and that kinda explains why he’s with Overdrive.

You can follow him here.

6. Prankur Rana

Many people think that I hate all RE bikes and bikers, without exceptions. That’s obviously stupid. Even though it’s a fact that if I have an accident on the road, and am lying by the side in a ditch, I’d probably not call any RE owner friend of mine, because he’ll either be drunk, and even if he isn’t, he’ll take a year to get to me on that fat piece of junk iron.

I find it hard to trust people who can make a decision like buying a Bullet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect them for their talents. What motorcycle you ride is completely your choice, as is my criticism of that choice, but that has nothing to do with what you are off the bike.

I’ve been following Prankur’s work since a while now, and it’s rather hard to ignore his art on Instagram, especially if you are into motorcycles. Watching him sketch inspired me to try it myself, although the results of that experiment weren’t all that inspiring. I’ve never met him, I don’t even know where he lives, but I like watching his creations, and I admire his creativity.

You can follow his work here.

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  1. There is only one Rahul Mazumder. The guy does everything. He is stuntrider, racer, moto journalist and what not!

  2. Good one Akhil .BTW, You love to hate I guess . Hating does not make you cool bro ! It makes you a sissy.
    Keep the content flowing !

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