6 more interesting Indian bikers who are fun to follow



I haven’t met all of these people, I barely know who they are, and I don’t agree with everything they say.

A person’s private and public faces can be very different. I am a rude outspoken cunt online, but a shy introvert loner in real life. I am what I am on the internet because it’s so easy to be. You can click people’s faces away on Facebook, unfollow them on Twitter, and block them on Instagram, you can be whatever you want to be on social media, say whatever you want to say.

Here’s a list of people I regularly find in my social media feeds, who are doing some interesting things with their lives.

1. Rohit Upadhyay

Yes I’ve already written a 1200 word article about him, but that’s not enough. The dude’s level of photos and stories keeps getting better by the day, and you can’t help but wonder what a lucky bastard he is.

He uses the same hardware/software combination for photos that I do, Moto X Play with Snapseed. The tiny difference between us is that I go to the same goddamn lake every weekend to click my pics, whereas he goes to different goddamn countries every weekend for the same.

In case you already don’t, follow him on his Facebook page, or Insta, and here’s his site filled with even more sexy stuff.

2. Deelip Menezes

Deelip is one of the strangest people I’ve seen online, in the sense that you wonder what is he even doing there. Most people, including me, have some purpose in wasting time on social media. Some try to get feedback for their work, others just care for popularity, and I get traffic to my site. This guy doesn’t give a single fuck about any of these things.

I think the only reason he’s on Facebook and Instagram is to document his life in the easiest way possible, to be able to look back at it when he’s old, which makes his content quite unique. He shares some useful stuff from time to time as well, but my purpose in following him is just to watch a person enjoying his life with motorcycles.

3. Kusumakar Dwivedi

I’ve met this guy! Stayed at his place while coming back from MTM. One extremely soft-spoken dude with some nice camera skills, I’ve worked with him for some marketing projects as well. Once upon a time, I even persuaded him to write for RiderZone.

I’ve been following his adventures for years, and seen his Pulsar 200NS do billions of kilometers all over the country. His latest project seems to be taking a scale-model Multistrada on his travels, and making it look like the real thing. You can follow him over here.

4. MusafirDiary

Never met this guy, don’t know what he does, or where he comes from, but I’ve always seen him traveling to some or the other godforsaken place on his trusty Bajaj Pulsar. I am never able to tell if he’s at the end of one trip or the start of another, but somehow always find him on the highway going someplace exotic.

As someone who has toured extensively on a Pulsar, I can certify to his Iron Butt. Bajaj Pulsars have some of the most outrageously uncomfortable seats out there, and being able to travel for hundreds of days on one requires balls, and a lot of Boro Plus. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

5. Sarah Kashyap

I first came to know of her existence when she did a K2K ride, being the first woman to do it or some shit like that, can’t remember. I don’t care for people who ride for records, but what she has done since has been quite remarkable.

She has finished the Raid de Himalaya, taken part in the Desert Storm, done some track riding, and been to some places that I doubt I have the balls to ever make it to. She’ll be doing this year’s Raid as well, on a Himalayan.

Unfortunately, she works for Royal Enfield, but you know, who cares as long as she’s having fun. You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

6. TheBakedGardener

No idea who he is, but life seems to be pretty fun for him and his Tiger.

I got introduced to his Instagram feed quite recently, it kept popping up in the search tab. A fully tricked out Triumph Tiger Explorer with a fully geared out rider makes for a very tasty combination. His life seems to be all about mountains and coffee, although I’m still waiting to find out what the “baked” part of his name means, and also the “gardener” one.

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  1. Rohith Meethal

    So now I have more peoples in my feed now for getting jealous 🙂 Thanks man !

    1. AK