Video Vednesday: 5 examples of how Riding Gear saves lives



It’s been a strange week.

It started out rather normal, with me posting some random brains farts about the ride that I did. The last 2 articles have been far too serious though, and I’m not sure why.

I like writing such investigative pieces, although they are quite a pain in the ass to compile, and even more to make error free. A few people find it weird that I rant off about things I’m not even a part of, not even remotely, but I don’t think I have to be.

This website is a place to vent out my frustrations, and humans don’t get frustrated about things that only happen to them on a personal level. I’m not a Royal Enfield customer, neither a Triumph RAT, nor a Kawasaki fanboy, and yet I’ve repeatedly fucked with these brands, simply because I wanted to.

What’s the point of having this shitfaced website anyway if it doesn’t piss a few people off?

Today we return to our normal routine of pointless little posts, combined with sharing of content from others, content that I find to be sexy. I know it’s not Wednesday, but when has that ever stopped us before?

Today’s Video Vednesday is a compilation of 5 videos, 3 of them from MotoHive, and 2 others from different Youtube channels. The idea behind all the video is the same, Riding Gear saves lives, but what’s different is the way that idea is presented.

1. Surviver Stories – MotoHive playlist

MotoHive is one of those rare automotive websites that isn’t constantly vomiting stuff shoved up its ass by manufacturers and their PR agencies. They do different stuff, experiment, and most importantly, share something only if it’s worth sharing.

Here’s a simple example of that. These 3 videos, which I’m sure will increase in the future, are just stories of people who crashed on their motorcycles, and lived to tell about it. The reason they were able to tell about it? Riding Gear.

I wish they had English subtitles though, not everyone can speak Hindi, but I do understand why they chose not do ask everyone to speak in English. Better to speak in what you’re comfortable with and be understood, rather than speak in something you aren’t natural with and be misunderstood.

2. Motorcycle crash aftermath with some riding gear

This is a video about a guy who crashed rather badly, and after about a month decided to look back at the decisions that saved his life.

He was wearing a good quality helmet, average quality gloves, a shirt, jeans, and shoes. As you can see in the video, wherever he had good level of protection, he’s OK. Wherever he made a bad choice, he’s not.

3. Motorcycle crash aftermath with NO riding gear

I should warn you, this is not to everyone’s taste. I’m pretty OK with burnt flesh, bones sticking out and blood flying away. Those who aren’t, don’t watch this.

Do you see how little it takes to crash? Do you now understand it doesn’t always have to be your fault? Riding Gear can be the difference between being alive or being dead, being able to walk or being a paraplegic, being able to laugh or being in a coma.

Don’t be a fucking idiot.

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