2015 BMW S1000RR: Ugly little duck?




That’s the first thought that came into my mind on watching the latest BMW S1000RR, which was unveiled at the INTERMOT Cologne. The new S1000RR gets styling changes, weight reduction, and power increase, to make it even madder than before. I am all hugs and kisses as far as reducing weight and increasing power is concerned, but making a sharp looking bike soft and retarded in the name of “update” is not something I appreciate. 

Check out this comparison of the front of the S1000RR from last year and now. Doesn’t it look like some designer from Hero Motocorp sneaked into BMW headquarters and shit all over the blueprints? The new design looks so curvy and out of place. There is a very thin line between looking crazy, and looking mentally-challenged-crazy, and the new BMW S1000RR has crossed over into the second category.

Anywho, here is a list of changes that make the new S1000RR a better bike than the old one, apart from the looks department ofcourse.

  • 199 HP power (up by 6 HP)
  • 112.5 Nm torque (unchanged)
  •  204 kg wet weight (down by 4 kgs)
  • Cruise control

The 998 cc inline four engine has been improved by revising the cylinder head, changing the duct geometry, intake camshaft, and intake valves in the process. A larger airbox, along with shorter intake length also helps boost the peak horsepower on the new machine. More available torque upwards of 5,000 rpm, as well as a more linear and wider torque curve, helps in getting the new S1000RR much better acceleration.

The weight has been reduced by changing the exhaust setup, using a new battery, and implementing a lighter frame. The new S1000RR can optionally be fitted with the electronically controlled Dynamic Damping Control suspension, which should help make it as easy to tame a bike as the HP4 is reputed to be. Cruise control on a superbike doesn’t really make much sense to me, it’s not like someone will take this thing to highways everyday! But then, an new option is never bad.

Overall, I’m really disappointed by the new look of the BMW S1000RR, something has gone terribly wrong somewhere, and this thing has lost all that raw madness and weirdly awesome vibes that the 2014 version gave. But then again, pictures can’t always be trusted, let’s wait and see what the upgrade looks like in real life.

Having said all that, I am still eternally ready to sell my kidney, or pancreas, or balls for that matter, to buy this insane little rocket (although I might need the balls to ride it, probably an extra pair as well).

Check out Motorcycle.com’s INTERMOT coverage for more pictures.

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