Big deal? 200NS gets new color scheme.



The happiness that auto companies sometimes show off, even when they give out minor upgrades to their products, is just mind blowing. Take the latest post from Bajaj on their Facebook page for example. Here’s the photograph that they have shared:

Pulsar 200ns

The words they have used: “The devil has no shades of grey. The Pulsar 200NS in crisp black and white “. At the base it says: “pulsar, world’s no. 1 sports bike”.

OK, first of all, “The devil has no shades of grey”? What does that even mean? The devil is supposed to be dark, isn’t he? From all popular perceptions, he is red, how does that compute with this picture? The bike isn’t completely in “crisp black and white” either, as you can see with the red stripes on the tank and front mudguard.

The last line is what is hilarious, “World’s no. 1 sports bike”, really Bajaj? You can tell that even Bajaj people don’t believe that, so they have written it in extremely small, almost unnoticeable font.

Friends, the news is that Pulsar 200NS will now be available in dual tone color scheme, like it has been in Indonesia from quite a while. So move along, nothing much to see here. We hope these auto majors will stop embellishing small shit to make it look chocolate cake soon.

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