Impact of powerful bikes on youngsters

By | October 6, 2014

Some say, that beasts are hard to tame. It takes time, practice, and a LOT of experience. Nowadays, teenagers and college kids are given very powerful bikes and because of their lack of experience and immaturity it is turns out to be a really bad idea. Superbikes are no toys; they can reach triple digit speeds in the blink of an eye. Imagine them in the hands of a young and an inexperienced rider. With such power comes great responsibly. If one isn’t careful, it can prove to be very dangerous for the rider as well the people on the roads. 

Most teenagers and college kids nowadays get to drive fast powerful bikes, even the ones without almost any experience. The spoiled brats show off with their machines without knowing their true potential. They Race, perform stunts on public roads without any gear, which is just plain ass stupid. Kids lose their lives, without any gears they’ve got nothing protecting them from so much power in their hands. But who’s to blame really here? The parents for getting their kids such powerful machine? The kids for their immaturity?

We Indians should learn from our European counterparts. Where the license is issued based on age. They are restricted to a particular power to weigh ratio depending on the type of license the person holds. For example, the power to weight ratio should not exceed more than 0.2 kW/kg for A2 license holders. With time this power to weight ratio only goes up, as some say with age comes experience. This is mainly to let the people learn and practice on smaller machines before they could move on to bigger and more powerful ones. Although this seems like a really great idea especially in a country like ours where the road rules are as worthless as toilet paper, it’d be really hard to implement because of the ginormous population. IF at all they implement this, it would definitely save a lot of lives!

Apart from the youth, even the grownups the so-called “matured” ones don’t wear helmets in our country, as a grownup it is their responsibility to set the trend to younger generation. People watch and learn after all.  How can one expect the younger generation to follow the safety measures if they themselves aren’t following them? The cops do nothing about it 9 in 10 times. We Indians don’t know the value of our lives. How important it is to both themselves and their families. And I’m pretty sure it’ll be long before they realize it. The time we Indians realize the value of life and abide by the rules that is when we could expect some peace on the roads in a country like ours.

  • Swadhin

    Do you remember how “V For Vendetta” made that mask cool ? May be in India we need something that will make helmets cool. 😀

    • Somebody give me a million dollars so I can make an awesome movie about helmets 😀

      • michael

        I can’t for the life of me understand why ppl don’t wear helemts! apart from the safety, helmets protect you from dust and debris and also act as excellent noise cancellation so you can hear honks n be more alert on the road…

        • I know! Bugs in your face sounds good only on paper, not so awesome in real life. Totally agree with the noise cancellation, wearing a helmet keeps everything so much more calm and organised.

          People do stupid shit.