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Ride against Kawasaki – Day 1: Stories from the roads

The thing I hate most about motorcycles is that loving them forces you to be a morning person. I don’t like to be forced, or to be a morning person. The alarms went off at 4 AM, and it was time to peel myself away from the bed. If you’re ever confused in life about what… Read More »

Hyderabad-Mumbai-Bangalore and back: Final frontier

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up by 4, ready by 5, and on the road by 6, before any traffic, before the heat.  *11 am* Fucking shit ass piss horse penis donkey balls cow vagina. I am a master procrastinator. If procrastination could make you money, my name would show up on top of the Panama… Read More »

Hyderabad-Mumbai-Bangalore and back: Day 4 – Back to Pune

90% of introverts, the kind that don’t speak even when they have an opinion, are the most intelligent, nicest people you’ll ever meet. The rest 10% are psychopaths who’ll murder you and rape your dog, while calmly listening to Beethoven.  This particular morning I had the luxury of getting up late, which is a rather hard… Read More »

Hyderabad-Mumbai-Bangalore and back: Day 3 – Traffucked

Same routine as always. Drag yourself to the washroom, stay alive on the pot, put your gears on and ride. Unlike always, I had a plan this morning. It was a bad plan, as in it was badly planned, but a plan nonetheless. The plan was to go to AH Helmets in Andheri, then Garage… Read More »

Coastal Karnataka ride – Friends, freedom, fucktardery!

Pages 1 2 3 4 5 Aahh.. feels so good to be writing a travelogue again after such a long time! It’s not like I’ve not ridden much these past few months, but then my interest seemed to be more towards writing pointless controversial articles than sharing the serene experiences from my journeys. Well, fuck it, I’m in the… Read More »