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Rynox Inferno motorcycle gloves review: 7000 kms of fun!

Motorcycle gloves are one of the most important piece of equipment (apart from the helmet) that protect you in case of a fall. It is natural human tendency to stretch your hands out to brace against the impact of a crash, and that leaves body’s relatively weak areas like palms, wrists and fingers open to… Read More »

Tarmac Venom riding boots review: 10,000 kms experience

I’ve been looking for a good pair of riding boots since quite a long time. My pair of Woodlands were feeling quite abused, being the designated pair for anything from riding to gym to running to trekking and everything in between. Budget constraints meant that I couldn’t go above 12k under any circumstances, so all “brands” like… Read More »

SOL Metal Man helmet review: Just amazing!

Ever since I bought my Duke 390 in November 2013, I was looking for a lid to match my ride. The Vega helmet I was using (rather abusing) before that had served well over 5 years and we were both sick of each other. As expected, I was looking for something in orange, to compliment… Read More »

LS2 FF351 Lunatic Helmet Review

The main function of a helmet is to provide protection for the head, and choosing the right one might be quite a difficult task. There are a number of factors to consider before buying one. The first and the most important thing is to check for ECE/DOT certification. This is to make sure that a particular… Read More »

LS2 FF351.5 Cartoon White Helmet Review

As soon as I got my Royal Enfield Classic 350 delivered, I had to buy a helmet. All I wanted to buy was a helmet that ensures maximum protection at reasonable pricing. Few months before getting the Classic 350, I had a chance to ride TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS wearing a white LS2 helmet.… Read More »

Riding pants vs Knee guards: Which one should you choose?

We discussed in the past why you should go for riding jackets against elbow guards. Another natural corollary to that conclusion is that you should go for riding pants rather than knee guards. But why should you? Yes buying cheap gear is never going to help you in any way, but are knee guards a… Read More »

Spartan Odysseus review – Big name, little game.

Spartan Odysseus review On our maiden ride to the Himalayas into the Ladakh valley, we wanted to buy a riding pant which would make this adventure a little bit easier. The criterion was simple, it should be wearable in extreme cold, rain and a bit of sunshine too. It should also provide adequate protection and… Read More »

DSG Acqua review – Is it worth the moolah?

On our Ladakh ride, we wanted to carry a pair of gloves that could handle ice cold rain, chilly winds and the occasional snowfall as well, since the weather there can change rather quickly. Our choices were narrowed down to the DSG Acqua, Cramster Tundra and the Alpinestars Drystar Apex. Because of the extremely negative… Read More »

DSG Triton review: One awesome thing!

If there is one piece of riding gear that separates the biking men from biking boys, it is a riding jacket. All serious riders have one, and a good one at that. They don’t depend on flimsy elbow guards to protect them during a slide. We took a relatively new jacket, the DSG Triton, on… Read More »

Is cheap riding gear worth the money spent?

In our last discussion, we took a look at the Probiker riding gloves, one of the cheapest ones out there. We have also discussed in the past the elbow guards vs riding jacket dilemma. The point here is, how much is your life worth to you? How about just your fingers? Or your spine? Riding… Read More »