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Triumph Daytona 675 review: Holy mother of Tits!

I don’t get excited anymore, there’s nothing out there that surprises me. The more people you meet, and the more places you see, the more you realize that it’s all just a steaming hot pile of Gorilla shit. Life is a pointless little exercise in self-control, to see who has the most patience to not… Read More »

Honda CBR650F review: Fuck you again Honda

Here’s my first video review, and it’s the CBR650F! First things first, I don’t think this is a decent enough review. I got to ride the bike for barely 10 kilometers, in shitty traffic, with a pillion behind me. I don’t think a review can be real enough unless you ride the bike for at least… Read More »

KTM RC390 user review: 10,000 kms experience!

I never thought I belonged to the biker breed, never understood why one of my friend is constantly on a ride to some place or another on his RE. Whenever I wanted to visit a place. I would take my car, turn up the music and just zip to the place, everything was effortless, and sometimes… Read More »

RE Thunderbird 350 Review: Amal shares his story!

First things first, I don’t own a TB, neither am a Royal Enfield fan. My friend happens to own one and I took it for a spin a couple of days. So here’s my take on the RE Thunderbird 350. Design I personally like the design of the TB. It’s certainly is not the best… Read More »

Ninja 300 vs RC 390: Apples and Oranges?

KTM RC 390 is finally here, and everyone is going nuts! My Facebook stream is littered with people going gaga over it, with many Duke 390 owners giving confused stares to each other, and many Ninja 300 owners feeling cheated and sad. I personally feel that KTM RC 390 is one hell of a bike, but… Read More »

Xtreme Vs FZ-S FI V2 Vs CB Trigger Vs Discover 150 F Vs Gixxer 150

Shootout for the best Trending 150cc Commuter Bikes in India 150cc class in the Indian motorcycle industry is certainly a benchmark. As it stands in between the exact commuter class bikes and entry-level superbikes, the 150cc motorcycle segment becomes very important to the makers just like the other classes. The 150cc bikes looks sporty and… Read More »

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Ownership Review

It was all about sportbikes I dreamt. Yup!  The design, latest technologies, high-end power, smooth engine, sharp handling, great ergonomics, and tons of features of a sportbike certainly conquer every youngster’s mind to opt none machine other than from this league. The same happened with me too. I just fell in love with one and… Read More »

Harley Davidson Street 750 review: Impressed!

I’ve been waiting a long time for this review, always wanted to swing a leg over a Harley! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. This review is based on Akshay Lakhani’s recent test drive of the Harley Davidson Street 750, I am just putting his experience into words. Akshay and his brother rode 2 different Street… Read More »

Royal Enfield Continental GT

With the introduction of Continental GT, Royal Enfield tried to revive the iconic brand of 1900’s Café racers. It was in a town called Redditch, about 200km north-west of London, where the company started assembling engines into their bicycles. Advent of Café Racers: The company was registered on 24 February 1893 (No. 170,951). An office… Read More »

Duke 390 vs Ninja 300 – Who’s the King?

We recently came across a review by the Motorbeam team, which pitted the Duke 390 vs Ninja 300. As awesome the people at Motorbeam are, the verdict they came out with was quite surprising. The Duke has better performance, more features and lower cost of ownership. Still they decided that the baby Ninja was a… Read More »