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Aravind KP finally gets a Dakar 2017 seat with TVS Racing

In 2012, a crash during a practice session shattered his hip, breaking the pelvic socket. For a normal guy, even a seasoned racer, that would’ve meant Game Over. Aravind however underwent hip reconstruction surgery, and in less than a year returned back to racing like nothing had changed, apart from the bunch of nuts and… Read More »

Triumph Thruxton R launched at a price of 10.9 lacs

Triumph today launched yet another tasty looking motorcycle in a glittering ceremony where strangely Gul Panag was invited but I was not. The Thruxton R is basically a Bonneville on steroids, and a motorcycle that can only be described by using emo oxymorons like “neo-retro” and “modern-classic”. Behind the blinding lights and big words, it’s a bike… Read More »

Riots erupt as India bans motorcycles under narcotics act

With too many good bikers dying recently, the thoughts went to the possibility of a day when motorcycles would simply be banned, banned for being too unsafe, banned for being too fun. Here’s what the news on such a day might look like. June 19th 2018, Hyderabad Numerous reports of arson, violence and spontaneous mass burnouts were… Read More »

Le Mans MotoGP race result: Those who crash together, stay together

Things have changed in MotoGP this season. There are far lesser overtakes, rarely any fights, and whenever it looks like things might get a bit interesting, someone crashes. And then there’s the booing of Lorenzo and Marq by so-called Rossi fans. Grow up you twats, you are embarrassing yourself, Rossi fans, and Rossi. Before the… Read More »

Le Mans Moto2 race result: Rins Wins

Luthi was the favourite for the French GP, starting from pole, but Rins had other ideas, and so did Corsi. Things didn’t start perfectly for Rins, as he got swamped at the start and then had to fight his way in the first few laps. Former championship leader Lowes started 9th and slid back a… Read More »

Le Mans Moto3 race result: Binder steals a win from Fenati

After winning his first ever Moto3 race from the last spot on the grid, Binder hasn’t really stopped. The day didn’t really start perfect for Binder, with a technical problem that the team couldn’t really spot, which meant that what he rode in the race was basically a brand new bike, but that didn’t really… Read More »

Royal Enfield Himalayan: 6 positives, 6 negatives, price and thoughts

The Royal Enfield Himalayan was officially launched today with an ex-showroom Delhi price of 1.56 lacs, which is very impressive. Click here to read my personal ride review. Here are the on-road prices in almost all major cities, with Delhi missing since it appears RE has run into some trouble with the strict emission norms… Read More »

EXCLUSIVE: KTM 390 Adventure launch date and price revealed!

You saw this first on RiderZone! Responding to the Royal Enfield’s Himalayan launch that’s around the corner, Bajaj-KTM have just announced the unveiling of another market shattering product, the KTM 390 Adventure. Speaking at the press conference totally filled with journalists from all over the world, KTM CEO made the following statement: KTM has always been… Read More »

Qatar MotoGP Test Day 2: It’s like a game of Chess

Marc Marquez tried to bully his bike into submission, as he always does, and ended up improving his Thursday’s time by half a second, before crashing out almost immediately. I think that’s what Marquez is known for, pushing his luck. He’s always been that guy riding beyond the edge, not on it like Lorenzo, not just under… Read More »