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Catalunya MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 race summary and results

Every time you think the last race was insanely good, something better comes along. The standards were set pretty high by Mugello, with all 3 classes producing such ridiculously incredible races that I didn’t even bother writing about them, words couldn’t capture the sheer beauty of things that happened that day. Today wasn’t much different… Read More »

Luis Salom and the irony behind safety in racing

Investigations are going on as we speak as to how Luis Salom lost his bike in that corner the way he did and what could’ve been done to save the 24 year old’s life. It could’ve been a mechanical problem, or a mistake, and the smooth asphalt coupled with a short run-off without gravel could’ve… Read More »

Le Mans MotoGP race result: Those who crash together, stay together

Things have changed in MotoGP this season. There are far lesser overtakes, rarely any fights, and whenever it looks like things might get a bit interesting, someone crashes. And then there’s the booing of Lorenzo and Marq by so-called Rossi fans. Grow up you twats, you are embarrassing yourself, Rossi fans, and Rossi. Before the… Read More »

Le Mans Moto2 race result: Rins Wins

Luthi was the favourite for the French GP, starting from pole, but Rins had other ideas, and so did Corsi. Things didn’t start perfectly for Rins, as he got swamped at the start and then had to fight his way in the first few laps. Former championship leader Lowes started 9th and slid back a… Read More »

Le Mans Moto3 race result: Binder steals a win from Fenati

After winning his first ever Moto3 race from the last spot on the grid, Binder hasn’t really stopped. The day didn’t really start perfect for Binder, with a technical problem that the team couldn’t really spot, which meant that what he rode in the race was basically a brand new bike, but that didn’t really… Read More »

Rajini Krishnan and the cost of loving the wrong sport

“I cannot think of a podium finish for I am riding a 2008 model Yamaha, while Azlan is riding a 2013 Honda. Machine matters in world of motor sport and thus I cannot make an impact.” “Just to give you an idea, each set of tyres cost Rs. 40,000. I practice twice a month at… Read More »

Monday Motivation: Honda TT Legends documentary

As awesome as MotoGP may be, you can’t shake off that elitism that sometimes presents itself in its garages. On top of that, the Lorenzo Rossi Marquez cow has been milked from every hole in its body, and the whole drama behind the races feels too childish, distracting. This becomes even more apparent when you… Read More »

MotoGP Qatar results: It’s tough being a Rossi fan

There must’ve been a time, during one of the 9 championships that Rossi won, that you could sit in front of the TV and know that the guy you are rooting for is going to win. That era is over, and it’ll stay that way for the next 2 years. Rossi finalized his contract with… Read More »

MotoGP Championship 2016: Place your bets here!

3 days more, and the action begins! This season promises to be one of the greatest, ever. There’s the perfect mixture of young talent and old guts, the new variables of tires and electronics, and the same old rivalries that have festered over the last few years. It doesn’t get much better. Vote here for… Read More »