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Video Vednesday: Chasing the Bullet and the Royal Enfield paradox

Shut up, I know it’s not Wednesday, but this couldn’t wait. It’s no secret that I don’t understand REs. I’m sure a lot of people don’t understand REs, but somehow I’ve ended up being the fucking brand ambassador. My article about why I’d never buy an RE was aimed squarely at putting my point of view… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Triumph Daytona 675 Vlog

I hate Vlogging. I’m used to keeping my mouth shut for an entire day and just ride. With a camera on my chin and a microphone on my lips, I just feel completely fucking lost. I’ve also noticed that I’m a completely different person when I talk from when I write. Maybe it’s because I… Read More »

Video Vednesday: The beauty of crashes

The more plane crash videos I see, the more scared I feel of flying. The more bike crash videos I see, the less scared I feel of riding.  There’s a certain evil beauty about motorcycle crashes. The speed of low-sides, the ferocity of high-sides, flying metal, sparks, and blood. I have seen a lot of them, maybe… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Balls!

Redneck /ˈrɛdnɛk/ noun, NORTH AMERICAN, informal, derogatory a working-class white person from the southern US, especially a politically reactionary one. Even though Rednecks are almost universally ridiculed, you have to give it to them, they are second only to Russians as far as doing crazy shit goes. Be it hyper modified trucks, Jackass style stupidity, or just pure… Read More »

Video Vednesday: India at the Isle of Man TT

If you don’t know what the Isle of Man TT is, you are on the wrong website. IOMTT is nothing but that teensy weensy cute little road race that happens to be one of the toughest, deadliest, and fastest on the planet. If you’ve ever seen a motorcycle crash video, you’ve seen the TT. This Video Vednesday however,… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Crash videos kick ass

I hope I crash soon. I never really had a major spill till date. On my first bike, a Pulsar 150, I had 2 falls in some 40,000 kms. The first one was on the second day I got the bike, and I simply dropped it while making a U-turn. I swore so loudly the… Read More »

Video Vednesday: I like this guy

Something’s terribly wrong, I’m writing too many nice articles about people I don’t want to murder. Last time it was Sachin Nair, and this time it’s this dude wheeling away on his carrot Kawasaki. There are a lot of things I can say about a lot of different people in this post, but I’ll try to keep… Read More »

Video Vednesday: What a Dick Waving Contest looks like

I like to think of myself as a biker, but there are very few things that I truly understand about the culture. I get why people want to go around the world on their little scooties, I get why people spend time, money and balls to get their knee down on the track, I get… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Who the fuck is Sarath Kumar?

You’ve heard the name before, haven’t you? So have I. In fact, I wrote an article about him when he scored a podium at the Asia Dream Cup. But what do I really know about Sarath Kumar? Apart from he being an Indian and a motorcycle racer, not much. I can guarantee you don’t either.… Read More »