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Kawasaki India, you’ve finally done the right thing

The 13 Kawasaki customers who were duped by Satyen Karandikar, finally got the bikes that they’d paid for. Kawasaki India organised a small ceremony to deliver the machines to their respective owners, the total value of the loss to them is upwards of a crore, which I’m certain they’ll pull out SNK’s ass, one coin… Read More »

The legend of Dilip Bam, a man after my own heart

The brightness produced by TWO bulbs being supplied thru a 35 watt cable is NOT as bright as a single bulb alone being supplied 35 watts. To understand this, just imagine: it is like one man marrying TWO nine-year old girls instead of ONE eighteen year old girl ! This is a piece from Dilip… Read More »

If you’ve never crashed, are you going fast enough?

Subhamoy Paul died yesterday while participating in the Raid de Himalaya. The 49 year old was an experienced off-roader, and had done the rally many times before the mishap. You could gauge his level of skill by the fact that he spent his last few months in Romania practicing to improve his enduro riding. You could… Read More »

RiderZone goes to INTERMOT 2016: A detailed report

Due to the massive popularity of RiderZone and the general awesomeness of me, INTERMOT organizers invited me to the event for an all-expense paid trip. I was all like “Na bro it’s cool”, and they were all like “Yeah man we love you and we want you to be here”, and so I was like… Read More »

Video Vednesday: What the new RiderZone office looks like

If you read Monday’s article about how much traffic this site gets and how much money that makes, you might’ve realized just how rich I am, and how many 100$ notes I roll into joints and smoke away to glory. An unintended side-effect of so much income is that I’ve had to expand my business,… Read More »

Pakistan, riding gear, warranty, and war

Most people don’t realize this, or choose to ignore it, but the majority of riding gear that you can buy in India at a reasonable price, especially the leather stuff, is made in Pakistan. Putting aside for the moment all the insanely intricate politics and history that neither I nor you are an expert on,… Read More »

RiderZone traffic and income report: September 2016

The last time I shared this report was in March. If you’re wondering why this half a year gap to the next one, the answer is rather simple. I tried writing about the roughly 100,000 views and the roughly $40 income that they made, but that was just too fucking depressing. The only thing I could… Read More »

Video Vednesday: Insane crashes and scary close calls

I really need to stop calling this Video Vednesday, can’t remember the last time it was actually posted on the correct day. In any case, behold! I have brought you new plunders from my psychotic Youtube binge-watching sessions. This time, we go back to our tried and tested motorcycle crashes, with a few sprinkles of near-misses… Read More »

The 7 different phases of my riding life

Yesterday’s article brought back memories of how my riding life started. Over the decade that I’ve spent with motorcycles, my purpose with them and my behavior towards them has changed dramatically. It’s difficult to notice these changes when they happen, because it’s all in super-slow motion, but when you look back over the years, see… Read More »

A simple guide to handling Street Racers

There have been many names, Squids, Roadside Rossis, Street Racers. For the purpose of this article, let’s call them Squids, since Street Racer can be used in a different context, and Roadside Rossi is too long. Here’s my definition. A Squid is someone on a motorcycle who purposely rides dangerously, knowingly fucks with other road users,… Read More »