Video Vednesday: Ride Against Man Rape

This 11 minute video only took me 6 hours to finish. Not bad eh, considering my last 5 minute video took 20. Ride Against Man Rape, while being a totally serious and legitimate ride for a cause, was done entirely to test out the SJCAM SJ5000X Elite. I’ve made timelapses and done some gyro work… Read More »

You can now support RiderZone on Patreon

This took a while. My Patreon page is setup, take a look here. Every time I cried about not getting anything from brands, and being a broke ass hair licker, someone would always suggest that I should start accepting donations from the people who read this blog or watch videos on the Youtube channel. There… Read More »

Brno MotoGP: I like people who smile when it rains

Rain is a great leveler, washing away the difference in machines, squeezing the life out of electronics, until all that remains is skill and brains. The Brno GP was a great reminder of this, in all 3 classes, with wildly different results. Here’s a recap of what went down the beautiful Czech circuit, starting with… Read More »

Twat Sports staff sues whore for unfinished blowjobs

New Delhi, 22 August 2016 In a shocking development, the entire staff of popular sports channel Twat Sports today filed a class action suit against an unnamed prostitute for giving blowjobs without orgasms. The lawsuit alleges that the slut was hired for entertaining the employees during working hours, and deepthroated them at multiple times during the… Read More »

4 Biker Movies to enjoy this weekend for free

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any interesting biker movies to watch. I’ve been into audio books a lot lately, and have finished quite a few. Last week I got bored of them, so went around on a Youtube binge watching spree. Here are the movies that stood out for me, and I hope… Read More »

Distant Suns by Sam Manicom: Audible book review

There are many ways I could try to tell you how much I enjoyed this book. The easiest one is this: I was done with it in a week, and it felt decidedly shorter than Under Asian Skies, which it is not. I checked. Distant Suns is the 3rd book Sam Manicom’s round the world… Read More »

Austrian GP: Broken records, total dominance, and smiling fortunes

Massive amounts of shit hit the fan even before the racing action had begun. The Sky VR46 team decided to suspend Fenati for the race, with the 20-year-old accused of repeatedly being a dick to his team, although not his teammates. Such a harsh move is extremely rare, especially with someone fighting for a top… Read More »

MotoGP Austria: A bag full of surprises

I would like to start this article with a polite suggestion to Ten Sports to go fuck themselves with a cricket bat, since they seem to have such a strong sexual fetish for it. Feel free to jam in a few leather balls in there too, and why not a few wickets while you are… Read More »

Kawasaki India and the stupidity behind big brands

In case you don’t already know, 11 people booked bikes from SNK Kawasaki, Palm Beach, Navi Mumbai. None of them got anything, the dealer isn’t returning the money, and Kawasaki India says they can’t do shit. As always, all the useful stuff is on Team-BHP. If you are wondering why none of this was reported on any… Read More »