KTM bikes are whores, and they must be treated like whores

There are many different kinds of motorcycles on this planet, and there are many different kind of people too. Different people buy different kinds of motorcycles for different reasons at different times, and different people treat their motorcycles differently for different reasons. Here are the 4 different kinds of mentalities that exist among bike owners:… Read More »

Video Vednesday: The stories with David Kretz and Rupert Gardner

What you saw above was but a small fraction of the experience we had with David and Rupert while they stayed at The Farmhouse in the beginning of February, 2016. David Kretz from Switzerland and Rupert Gardner from the UK had been traveling on their own, and had decided to ride together to get through… Read More »

Riots erupt as India bans motorcycles under narcotics act

With too many good bikers dying recently, the thoughts went to the possibility of a day when motorcycles would simply be banned, banned for being too unsafe, banned for being too fun. Here’s what the news on such a day might look like. June 19th 2018, Hyderabad Numerous reports of arson, violence and spontaneous mass burnouts were… Read More »

Le Mans MotoGP race result: Those who crash together, stay together

Things have changed in MotoGP this season. There are far lesser overtakes, rarely any fights, and whenever it looks like things might get a bit interesting, someone crashes. And then there’s the booing of Lorenzo and Marq by so-called Rossi fans. Grow up you twats, you are embarrassing yourself, Rossi fans, and Rossi. Before the… Read More »